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Avon Motorcycle Tires

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC carries an extensive inventory of Avon street motorcycle tires to fit most cruisers, touring motorcycles, commuter motorcycles and standard motorcycles. Avon has been making premium quality motorcycle tires and street bike tires for over a century, proving their expertise in building advanced tires for both the road and racetrack. Avon takes pride in combining the very latest in design and manufacturing technology with a stringent testing regime to provide unparalleled quality and performance. Avon’s tire technology has been developed and perfected over many years, ensuring no matter what type of motorcycle tires or street bike tires you buy, you’ll have absolute confidence in their reliability.

Latest Avon Motorcycle Tire Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Avon Cobra AV71 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Cobra AV71 Front Motorcycle Tire

    Terry in MT

    overall good tire

    Tire wears excellent. Only reason for 4 stars it is somewhat difficult to get it balanced. Front tire on goldwing trike. Should get 10000, which isn't bad for trike. About 7500 on it now and still good wear left.

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  • Avon Distanzia Supermoto Front Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Distanzia Supermoto Front Motorcycle Tire

    Cam in UT

    Kick Butt SM Tire!!!

    The Avon Tires are so Awesome on the 17" Warp 9 Racing Wheels!!!!!!!! We love them! Highly recommended to anyone!!!

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  • Avon Distanzia Supermoto Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Distanzia Supermoto Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Premier Innovations / Cam in Utah

    SICK SM Tire!!!!

    These Avon SM Tires are so SICK !!!!! We highly recommend these tires to any rider. They are so Awesome! Great Tire!!

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  • Avon Cobra AV72 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Cobra AV72 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pete in Pennsylvania

    M109R - Great, grippy tire, lasts reasonably well

    First, my bike is a VZR1800 / M109R, not an S50, but that was not an available option. The 250/40VR-18 is a great tire. Very grippy, and no high speed shakes like the Dunlop Elite III has. I've never run a Metzler to compare it to, but I understand that these outwear the Metzler's significantly. I got two full seasons out of this tire. It's still not worn out, but I am very close to the wear bars and I am going on a couple of trips, so I am replacing it just to be safe. I run balancing beads in my tires, and with them, there is zero vibration. All in all, I think this is a great tire for the M109R. I know a lot of people like the fattest tire they can buy that fits properly on a stock rim, and this is not the tire if you want that. The Elite III 250 is the fattest, followed by the Metzler ME880 260, and this brings up the rear. Still, I like this one better than the Dunlop, especially if the roads are wet. I am rating this 4 stars because it does not wear as well as the Elite III, but it's a better tire in every other way. Recommended.

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  • Avon Gripster AM24 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Gripster AM24 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Paul in NY

    All Around Outstanding Tire

    This is a great dual sport tire and long lasting. I don't write many reviews but this tire is worth my time. I bought one two years ago and it's still going strong after 2,500 miles. I absolutely love the tread pattern an how it handles off road as well as on. I ride on a lot of state forest land access roads and logging roads. Worth ever penny.

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  • Avon Distanzia Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

    Avon Distanzia Dual Sport Front Motorcycle Tire

    Corey in Utah

    Vary Impressed!

    I got these tires from RMATV a week before my solo trip to Moab to ride the White Rim Trail. I didn't realize how bad the sand was going to be and I thought I would not make it. These tires were incredible! I was in sand about to my chain (think of Powdered Sugar) and had to make it up a river bank. I was going a little slow and thought for sure I was going to drop but after a pull on the throttle I made it up no problem. 100 miles of rock, pebbles, ruts, steps, sand and a couple nasty climbs then a 250 mile run home, I am nothing but happy with the tire. Not an issue, the tires performed great. Just my 2 cents, Hope it helps

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