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Intake from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Here is the best selection of powersport jet kits, reeds and performance intake parts.

Latest Dirt Bike Intake Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    R & D Racing Flex Jet (Remote Fuel Screw)

    Bryan in ID

    great product

    One of the best upgrades you can do for a Carb bike. Makes fine tuning fast and easy.

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Fiber Reeds

    michael in OH


    I run these for 3 years at a time... Never fail!

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  • Pro Design Pro-Flow K & N Intake System

    Pro Design Pro-Flow K & N Intake System

    Joshua in FL

    Easy to install, quad ran better too

    I bought this originally cause I was getting lots of backfires and the bike was running rich in hopes that it would even things out a bit. This was before I thought to mess with the jetting in the carb. I felt some small power gains and better throttle response, but really didn't feel too much until I got the proper jetting. Bike runs flawlessly, throttle response is great, couldn't be happier. I would definitely run this set up on any other toys I get down the road. Its a simple way to spruce things up and get your bike running better. I would also recommend cutting the intake box and installing a screen for maximum intake.

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  • V-Force 3 Reed Valve

    V-Force 3 Reed Valve

    Carl in PA

    Smooth power

    Smoother power, more bottom, and more throttle response

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  • Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    Boyesen Super Stock Carbon Reeds

    mike in UT


    We recently rebuilt the 1990 CR500 engine in our 2010 crf250 frame and noticed the reeds were chipped on the tips. We put these in and it runs great.

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  • R & D Racing Power Bowl 2

    R & D Racing Power Bowl 2

    Mykel in IL

    Is this even real?

    Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and get the bad juju out of the way first. When I first put it on, the fact that there is no drain screw did kind of concern me, since the gas was constantly overflowing for some reason. Come to find out, I needed to just shut the gas off when I shut the bike itself off, and turn the gas back on when I started it back up. Took some slight jetting adjustments, along with some air/fuel mixture adjustments and other things. The adjustments did somewhat change the way I start my bike up, but it doesn't bother me. Now let me get to the sweet stuff. My bog is gone. I don't know how it works, but it does. I would literally try and try to make it bog, but it will not bog or hesitate. It's unreal. I paired this with the R&D Flex Jet and quick fuel mixture adjustments are not even a problem. For the people who don't want to buy a pricy bike with EFI, buy this bad boy right here.

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