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Dirt Bike Cam Chains

Dirt bike engine repair and maintenance may not be quite as fun as riding a motocross track or navigating an off-road trail, but it’s absolutely essential if you want to keep your motorcycle in proper working order. An engine has many components which require occasional replacing, and a cam chain is one of them. Whether you’re a hobbyist that enjoys the thrill of rebuilding an engine from the ground up or just someone who likes to tinker around when it’s time to fix your dirt bike, you can count on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC for your cam chain needs.

We carry many dirt bike cam chains. All you need to do in order to find the cam chain for your motorcycle is enter the make, model and year. We’ll do the rest, displaying exactly the right parts. And if you ride a KTM, we also have the Dirt Tricks timing chain tensioner to stop that annoying ticking sound.

We carry chains from Pro X, a leader in the motorcycle cam chain market. (If you’d rather get a stock replacement chain, we also carry a variety of OEM parts for dirt bikes. Simply click the OEM button at the top of the page to take a look at what’s available.)

Latest Dirt Bike Camchain Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Hot Cams Cam Chain

    Hot Cams Cam Chain

    JON in WA

    Poor build quality in comparison to OEM

    I recently purchased the Hot Cams cam chain and was blown away that this chain is supposed to meet or exceed OEM. It is frail-looking in comparison and the quality of metal looks inferior and the links seem very loose for a new chain. The 100+ hour stock chain I was replacing had far less play and appeared to be the "new" chain when compared side-by-side. I returned it and will stick with OEM.

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  • Dirt Tricks KTM Timing Chain Tensioner

    Dirt Tricks KTM Timing Chain Tensioner

    Miguel in FL

    Incredible! No more awful noice at cold start

    The OEM timing chain tensioner is awful, since it is hydraulic, it takes some time to charge from a cold start and the engine sounds like it is going to break!! I installed the Dirt Tricks Tensioner in about 10min and the noice disappeared completely right away, now it has a better idle, it doesn´t stall on trails, it´s a night and day change, it´s a must have from the OEM!!

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  • Eagle Mfg. Doohickey Torsion Spring

    Eagle Mfg. Doohickey Torsion Spring

    Nicholas in UT

    Better than the old

    Took the cover off my KLR and saw the older do hickey upgrade spring broke, bought this one to replace, can't see how this one could ever break.

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  • Pro X Cam Chain

    Pro X Cam Chain

    Randall in VA

    Nice chain...

    Replaced stretched oem & it seems solid so far. Better made

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  • Eagle Mfg. Doohickey - Balancer Idle Lever & Spring Upgrade

    Eagle Mfg. Doohickey - Balancer Idle Lever & Spring Upgrade

    Joseph in NY

    machined piece of art

    eagle is mandatory!!! replace your adj now or you will regret it later...the stock one will go at any time with little warning...every one of my friends have a KLR 650 in treir collection and they have all been replaced,eagle is the only solution and also use the optional torsion spring....its an easy job.....

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  • KTM Cam Chain Replacement Master Link

    KTM Cam Chain Replacement Master Link

    Jack in VA

    Cant go wrong with OEM!!

    Fit perfect, cant tell which is the replacement link after I installed it!!

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