Dirt Bike Riding Vest

Wearing a motorcycle vest when racing an enduro race or taking an adventure ride can be a nice convenience. Available in options from reflective fabrics for higher visibility to heated designs for extra comfort to those that offer extra storage for needed tools and supplies, a motorcycle vest can make a huge difference in the overall efficiency of a ride. At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC we offer a nice selection of motocross vests to help you execute your race or ride in an advantageous way. Check out our selection today!

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  • Troy Lee Adventure Transfer Vest

    Troy Lee Adventure Transfer Vest

    JOHN in CA

    Have Not Purchased Yet, But Like What I See.

    I have to see/touch/feel before purchasing an item like this. I ventured to a local MC Shop, I walked the entire Riding Gear area and found every other pack but this one. They told me they're here, but we had to search the store. Well, they're in the KTM section. So this tells me it's for the KTM owners just because it's got the Orange/Black corporate colors. Now I have mixed feelings. Will I get hassled by my riding buddies wearing this pack when riding my Blue Bike? Now I would like to see a Blue/Black one or all Black model. It looks amazing, feels amazing but will I end up filling it with more amazing weight than I already have. the more space the more weight. Hope the price comes down about 15 to 20%.

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  • Ogio MX Flight Vest

    Ogio MX Flight Vest

    alex in Colorado

    good vest hydro pack tastes horrible

    great vest- my buddies call it the swat vest, cool pockets very functional, but the hydro pack has a horrible taste, washed it a dozen times ran tons of water through it it, the final time i used it i still felt sick after a few cups just because of the chemical taste in the water. I still use the pack and think its great just throw a water bottle in the back part that the water pack used to be in, should put a decent hydro pack in it and i would give it a 5

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