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Boots from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Whatever your style of riding: touring, cruising or commuting on your street bike, we have the motorcycle boots that fit your riding style. Choose from our line up of high quality leather boots from some of the most popular brands.

Latest Motorcycle Boots Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

    Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

    JOHN in KY

    Very Comfy

    First ride today and very pleased with the comfort. I thought from trying on that they would need some breaking in, but one day and they fit like a glove. They are a little warm, but is to be expected since they are waterproof. I hope to never find out the protection level. Get you some and enjoy the ride.

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  • Falco Mixto 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Falco Mixto 2 Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Peter in CA

    Bizarre fitting boot.

    The sole is not flat. It is convex. So when you are standing in the boot, the edges of the sole are not touching the ground, only the middle is, which is just weird and puts all your weight on the middle portion of the ball of your foot (see photo). (Seriously, who designs the sole of a boot like this?) Also, if you order the boot in black, it does not come with a Vibram sole. It has a much less aggressive lug pattern than what is pictured. That was an unpleasant bait and switch after I ordered them. This boot is hot. I was riding in 65 degree temps at freeway speeds and my feet were overheating. May be good for cold weather riding, but definitely not pleasant in moderate weather. The shin plate is positioned in such a way that the bottom of the plate digs into my shin once the boot is tightened. The toebox is nice and wide, but the heel cup is comically wide as well. I was hoping that by playing around with the buckles i would be able to tighten up the fit a bit, but have been unable to do so. Speaking of the buckles, every time I put the boot back on I need to readjust the length. The only thing keeping them in place seems to be their own free will (see photo). The leather seems nice, but I haven't been in the rain with them to test the waterproofness. Based on their lack of breathability compared to other motorcycle boots I've owned, I have to assume the waterproof insert is basically a sheet of impermeable rubber. On the bright side this should bode well for their waterproofness There don't seem to be many reviews of this boot out there, so I just wanted to let any potential buyers know what exactly they are buying.

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  • Firstgear Kathmandu Lo Motorcycle Boots

    Firstgear Kathmandu Lo Motorcycle Boots

    Jesus Adrian in CA

    great product

    best value and awesome boot, water proof feature a must

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  • Falco Avantour Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Falco Avantour Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Mark in PA

    Comfy boot with good movement & protection

    The boots were comfy out of the box and have only been getting better in the few months I've had them! Have had a few days where I've comfortably worn them on rides and then around the house & garage while working on the bike for long hours. They are a robust boot but way more flexible than a full-on moto boot. I think the best part is that the hinged-ankle design has good stiffness side-to-side while allowing a lot more flexibility for shifting and hitting the rear brake. On my first ride in them off-road I hit a hidden tree stump in some grass on the inside of the boot. The impact was directly at the inside hinge and was enough to pull my foot off the peg. The hinge took the hit like a champ and even broke part of the stump off without breaking apart! The shin armor is low-profile enough to fit under loose jeans if desired. They have been pretty warm for riding in hot & humid mid-atlantic temps but I much prefer that for the water and winter protection they offer. I usually wear a size 10.5 in most casual shoes, sometimes 11's. Bought the 45's and they fit well-a little room left for thick socks if needed.

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  • Firstgear Kilo Hi Motorcycle Boots

    Firstgear Kilo Hi Motorcycle Boots

    Daniel in CO

    Great budget boot

    I needed a new pair of boots for a sport-touring trip that had to be waterproof. I have worn Sidi boots for ADV riding for forever, and was hesitant to stray from big brands like that. After adding a D30 footbed insert I couldn't be happier with these boots. They fit true to sizing and allow good mobility for shifting, but they feel sturdy and have good protection implements. They breathe better than I expected in hot places. A few scuffs are already evident on the leather around the toe after a 4000 mile trip, but at this price I am not complaining as much as observing. Walked around a ton at MotoGP and was not reminded of the money I saved on boots. Would buy again.

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  • Tourmaster Solution WP Air Motorcycle Boots

    Tourmaster Solution WP Air Motorcycle Boots

    Steven in CO

    Good Boot

    So, I confess I don't have a lot of miles on these boots just yet but, so far, so good, especially for the price!

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