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UTV Air Filter and Pre Filter

Your UTV’s air filter stops dirt and dust from entering the engine and causing problems. It’s an indispensable layer of protection. A pre-filter, on the other hand, is an extra layer – literally! It fits over your air filter and acts as the first line of defense. The primary purpose of pre-filters is obvious – two layers are better than one, right? However, the real benefit is much deeper than that. The great thing about pre-filters is that they’re easy to quickly remove and replace. This is perfect for intense riding sessions, including races, multi-day trips and particularly dusty rides. If your air filter gets too dirty in the middle of a trip, it can be impractical to take the time to clean it (or even impossible, in some circumstances). Using a pre-filter allows you to do all the cleaning later, after the riding is over, and it’s much less expensive than changing out a new air filter altogether. We carry two of the most well-known brands in the industry when it comes to pre-filters: Outerwears and PC Racing. We also have a few other great products that can help with the airflow to the engine. Take a moment to browse the page and check out what we’ve got.

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