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Tank Bags from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Dual sport motorcycle tank bags.

Latest Dual Sport Tank Bags Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag

    Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag

    Joe in UT

    Sweet system!

    This is a cool bag, I took the map bag off of it and mounted a iPad mini to it with industrial Velcro. The iPad is in a life proof case. I use it as a gps unit when Bluetoothed to a Dual gps unit. The top of the bag is the same size as the iPad

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  • SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Quick-Lock EVO Micro Tankbag

    SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Quick-Lock EVO Micro Tankbag

    Dave in SC

    Highly Recommended

    I originally thought this tank bag was kind of pricey but after using it a few months think it is well worth the money. Construction quality is very high but ease of use is its real forte. I can remove/replace it for fill-ups in the blink of an eye and its totally secure. Excellent product and it looks good as well.

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  • Wolfman Enduro Pocket

    Wolfman Enduro Pocket

    JOHN in CA

    Awesome Product

    Really a nice add to my needs. I used it for my phone and wallet so far. The elastic straps may be good for jacket or T-shirt. Even though the buckles have a very nice protective strip to prevent wear on your tank and seat, I added a 2" wide hook/loop strap around the buckles to further prevent wear. it's also a good way to hold the excess strapping.

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  • Yamaha Tank Bag

    Yamaha Tank Bag

    COLIN in AL

    Like A Sports Car with Worn Tires

    Purchased and returned. In my opinion, the build quality, looks, space, functionality and size of this bag are excellent, especially if you prefer a large tank bag. However, the bag only has two strap fixing points and one magnet (all lined up in the center) which gave it a lot of lateral play when mounted. Without some kind of lateral support, I did not think the bag would be very stable on the bike, particularly off road.

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  • Wolfman Large Rolie Bag Tank Pannier Kit

    Wolfman Large Rolie Bag Tank Pannier Kit

    MATT in UT

    Good quality bag, no directions. Still not mounted

    I bought this tank pannier kit for a 300 mile day trip I needed to take, the bags are a very good quality build, and seem very solid. the mounting system however, is inexplicable. It comes with this weird H strap system, and a bunch of straps. I spend twenty minutes trying to figure out how to get it attached. There were no instructions, and it's not obvious. I finally attached the H strap over the tank and just hung them there. In travel, the bags flapped all over the place and hit me in the knees. The additional straps are supposed to be used to tied it down to the bike, but I just can't figure out how to get it all strapped down. I looked on youtube but the only video was using their top mount tank backing plate, not the over the tank pannier kit. So I emptied the bags and just stowed them for the return trip. I'll return them unless I can figure out how to get them attached. i'd give the build quality a 5, but lack of useable instructions on how to mount them really made this unusable for this reviewer.

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  • Wolfman Explorer Lite Tank Bag With Mounting Strap

    Wolfman Explorer Lite Tank Bag With Mounting Strap

    MATT in UT

    Great Tank Bag, Easily removable and holds a lot

    I bought this bag for my 2005 klr650. It replaced a smaller tank bag that attached with straps but wasn't as easily removable. This bag is good size, and holds a lot of stuff but isn't obtrusive. There are several pockets on it to hold different stuff and it's expandable. The installation instructions aren't as clear as they could have been. Out of the bag, it seems the straps are attached to the bag and you have to clip them around something. I originally ran them under the head tube. after thinking about it a bit it was obvious that you need to unthread the straps, and hook them around something. I hooked them around my radiator guard. This mounts the the bag *very* securely and the best part, the bag is removable and re-attachable in *seconds*. this is great cause I leave a lot of valuable stuff in my bag, and am always worried about it. now I can quickly unclip the bag and bring it in with me and reattach it as I leave in less than 30 seconds. it does very slightly hit my legs as I stand up and ride but since it's soft, I can just lean on it and it's fine. I'd recommend this bag to anyone. it's a very good solution.

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