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ADV/Dual Sport Motorcycle Boot Buyers Guide

Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Adventure motorcycling is unique. It incorporates elements of touring, but it also includes off-road riding. Make sure that if you own an adventure bike, you have gear that’s up for the task. When you’re looking for boots, make sure that you get something that can handle the rigors of adventure motorcycling and offer incredible comfort for those long trips.

First and foremost, don’t neglect safety and protection. Regular footwear – even if it’s “heavy duty” – will not offer you the same protection as purpose-built riding boots. Adventure motorcycle boots offer the impact protection you’d expect for off-road riding along with abrasion resistance you need for the street. However, some boots also offer additional shin protection and ankle support.

Adventure riding frequently incorporates many activities that aren’t riding at all, including everything from short hikes to meandering around a campsite to pleasant visits at local diners. You need to be comfortable walking around in your motorcycle boots. That means that while you still need protection and support, you also need a certain amount of flex.

There are several other features that can be nice, like good enough tread to give you enough traction when handling your bike when you’re not riding it (such as if you need to pick it up). Depending on where your adventures go, you might also want to consider waterproof boots. Several adventure boots are specifically designed to keep water out in all circumstances (even if you’re standing in a stream) while still being breathable.

Of course, everyone’s adventures tend to be a little different, so we’ve assembled a good selection of boots to make sure that you can find something that best fits your needs. Some boots are so geared up for adventure bikes that they include the word adventure right in their name. But we’ve also got other options, like boots which are designed more with the touring aspect in mind, and we’ve got some shorter boots as well if you tend to avoid off-road riding and don’t need ankle support. We also have several trials boots which – although weren’t designed for adventure bikes per se – have been quite popular among some adventure motorcyclists.

We’ve got great prices and industry-leading brands. Check out our selection and pick up your next pair of adventure motorcycle boots today!

Latest Dual Sport Boots Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

    Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Boots

    SEAN in UT

    Excellent boot

    I usually wear a size 10.5 in all my other shoes. I tried a size 10 and 11 in these boots and the 10 was perfect. I ride trails and purchased the tech 7 with the enduro sole. I could honestly wear these boots all day and not take them off. Walking in them is not an issue. We ride to a destination, get off the bikes and walk around exploring, I had no problem doing that with these boots. I read another review about a squeaking noise coming from the hinge area when walking in them. Mine have done that also but its not very loud at all and it spuratic. These boots are worth every penny. Extreme comfort and great protection.

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  • Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

    Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

    Jim in CO

    Very nice boot but check your size

    Beautiful boot, great reviews and well crafted I have Alpinestars in size 12 EU47, my comfortable size. Ordered these Gaerne G-Adventures in size 12 and they are too small. Gaerne doesn't make a G-Adventure in 13 EU48

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  • Alpinestars Ridge 2 Air Boots

    Alpinestars Ridge 2 Air Boots

    Julio in TX

    Awesome boots

    Excellent quality, perfect fit, good ventilation most confortable boots.

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  • O'Neal Racing Rider Shorty Boots

    O'Neal Racing Rider Shorty Boots

    Dana in AR

    awesome deal

    Bought for drag racing, dune racing use. fits comfortably, very well built and will last

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  • TCX Infinity EVO Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Boots

    TCX Infinity EVO Gore-Tex® Motorcycle Boots

    Vincent in CA

    Great for Duel Sport.

    I am on a KLR 650 (2007). These boots are flexible out of the box but I wore mine around the house a few days to get them really broke in. I am doing a RT 66 trip in Aug and TAT in 2019. I wanted a boot that I can wear off the bike and go into museums, restaurants, etc without swapping out shoes/boots. I tried them up and down stairs, no problem. They also have a great sole for traction. I recommend that if you are in between sizes to bump up to the larger size. I am between 11-11/12 and I got the 12s and they are perfect!

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  • Falco Avantour Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Falco Avantour Adventure Motorcycle Boots

    Daniel in CO

    Quality Boot

    Replaced a pair of Sidi ADV Rain boots with the Falco Boots and have not been dissappointed. Very satisfied with waterproofing, after a few water crossings nothing was allowed into the boots. They do squeak when walking, just like the Sidi boots ive had, but thats the only complaint I have. The Vibram sole is great, hard to detect any wear on the sole at all yet, and they feel great standing on pegs and give good traction walking on questionable surfaces. The material under the lower ratchet clamps will probably wear faster than other areas but nothing is coming apart after a full season of use, they look to be good for many more summers.

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