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  • Wolfman Wolfy Escape Pak

    Wolfman Wolfy Escape Pak


    not worth the high price

    Have you ever wondered why you can't find pictures of a product your interested in buying? I looked all over Google to find pictures of the inside of this bag and close-up shots of the straps. No deal. So, I purchased the Pak from Well, I can accurately say this bag may have the strength of a Wolfman bag, but it falls way short of any respectable Single Track hydration pack. 1st, the hydration pocket doesn't have a attachment point to hang the water bladder. As you drink your water, the bladder bunches up at the bottom of the pouch, next to your lower back. not too bright Wolfman engineers. I'm planning on sewing in my own Velcro attachment point to fix this oversight on Wolfman's part. The next oversight is the large pocket. While this pocket is great for storing your extra clothing and rain gear, there are no smaller attachment points for holding such items like a bicycle pump. Most riders, Bicycle and Dirt bike, have a small bicycle pump on hand to fix that undesirable flat tire. Said bicycle pump ends up wedged sideways in the bag, among other items that are tossed about as one is riding Single Track. Not good thought as how to properly manage space in a pack. I could go on, but you get the point. For the money, there are MUCH better hydration packs on the market. This design falls way short of what is expected from Wolfman. I believe Wolfman threw out this hydration pack and is hoping to sell based on their name alone. For riders looking for pictures, check out my review on *mazon. There are pictures there. Seems we can't upload pictures here.

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  • Leatt 2.0 GPX Race Hydration System

    Leatt 2.0 GPX Race Hydration System

    David in NY

    Very disappointing

    The tubes were too short to make the hands-free dystem usable, I returned it thinking is was a fluke. Nope, Second one showed up with the wrong length tubes as well. A call to leatt proved that they don't know much about their own product. Couldn't even get them to send me another tube so I could make the proper length. I had to rob a tube from another bladder I had lying around and basically reengineer the wole hands-free drinking system. The back pack quality is not good. I wouldn't put anything in that "cargo" pouch as the zipper is vertical and could open up on you. This is not the quality that I expect from Leatt. Not worth the money.

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  • Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    Fly Racing Stingray Ready-to-Ride Roost Guard and Hydration Pack

    STEVEN in CO


    Excellent product, a bit tricky to fill.

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  • Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Fly Racing Hydro Pack

    Ken in OH

    Nice pack

    Nice lightweight pack. Bite valve works good. Only thing I would change is to make the pocket bigger.

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  • Fox Racing Lowpro Hydration Pack

    Fox Racing Lowpro Hydration Pack

    Tina in NC

    great product

    Great product. Lightweight but holds enough water to keep hydrated for entire race.

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  • USWE XC Hydration Pack

    USWE XC Hydration Pack

    roscoe in IN

    Works great and super comfortable

    I decided to try the USWE brand packs after 20 plus years of the dromedary brand and couldn't be happier. I had always had issues with the shoulder straps cutting and causing bruises and a sore back plus messing with waist and chest straps are a pain taking on and off. The USWE pack spreads the load out much more evenly and takes much of the weight off the tops of my shoulders, the single buckle is easy to work even with gloves on and the elastic of the straps makes it more forgiving to put on especially over body armor and jackets. The only tiny dislikes are not having a shutoff valve on the mouthpiece but otherwise perfect. The bladder is much easier to open, close and clean as the entire top opens to access the inside. I will be buying a large volume for back country moto and MTB rides soon!

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