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7 Basics To Know About ATV/UTV Tires!

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ATV/Quad Tires

Nothing is quite as exciting as getting a new set of ATV tires (except picking up a new quad itself, of course). Tires are such an essential part of your machine that changing them out can alter its characteristic handling. Plus, there’s no denying that some tires give your four wheeler a pretty mean look. When it’s time for you to go shopping for tires, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is your source. We literally got our start by selling ATV tires, and 30 years later, we’re still the experts. We carry many of the top styles and brands, and we always strive to provide phenomenally low prices.

Do you ride lonely mountain trails, tear up the local MX track, or shred sand at the dunes? Regardless of your terrain of choice, we’ve got tires that will suit you well. We have options that excel in sand, mud, rocks or hard terrain – and many of them cross over into other types as well, giving excellent performance across multiple terrain types.

One of the most essential characteristics of any off-road tire is the tread pattern. The height, width and spacing of the lugs all define how the tire handles in different terrains. For example, wide lugs excel on soft surfaces. Tall, wide lugs can allow your machine to dig through deep mud. Short, tight lugs are often good for hard surfaces like tracks. And of course, you can’t forget about the unique design of each tire’s tread pattern. Many brands spend countless hours in the R&D of a tire’s tread pattern; some are proprietary designs that offer unique handling characteristics you simply can’t get with alternatives. Of course, everyone’s needs are different, so we carry a variety of ATV tires to make sure that you can find something that works well with your specific needs.

We also carry either bias or radial construction tires. In fact, you can filter the options on this page to only show either bias or radial; just check the boxes in the left sidebar. There are advantages and disadvantages for both construction types. Radial tires generally offer better performance at higher loads or speeds. They also don’t wear out as quickly as bias tires. However, bias tires typically come at a lower price, so you can afford to try out different options more frequently. They also have better impact resistance and sidewall puncture resistance – and they’re a lighter weight. That’s why even though radial tires have taken over the auto industry, there are still a lot of off-road riders who choose bias. We have plenty of options for either type, so it doesn’t matter what your preference is.

Another important item to consider when shopping for tires for your ATV is the ply rating. Most of the tires we carry are 4-ply or 6-ply. Both offer a decent weight/durability ratio. However, we also have a few 2-ply tires which can be used for certain track-racing applications. We have tires rated at 8-ply or even 12-ply as well. These are heavy tires which require quads with sufficient power to turn them, but they are pretty heavy duty tires. In fact, 12-ply tires are sometimes marketed as run-flat tires, and they can have great use in some intense off-road races.

You also have many different sizing options. You can enter your machine’s make, model and year into the dropdown menu to narrow the selection down, or you can match up the sizes yourself. Whether you want to match up your tire’s size exactly or experiment a little with the tire height or width to alter its handling, we’ve got options for you. (Of course, don’t experiment too much – your machine is designed for a specific range of tire sizes, after all.)

We carry the brands you trust with your quad – names like Maxxis, Duro, ITP, Kenda, Douglas, STI and Carlisle. Browse our selection now, and pick up a new set of tires for your ATV today!

Latest ATV ATV Tires - All Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pro Armor Crawler XG Radial Tire

    Pro Armor Crawler XG Radial Tire

    Ron in AZ

    4200 Miles And Counting

    These came on my 2017 XP 1000 EPS Trails and Rocks Edition in 30 X 10R -14 on Polaris beadlock wheels. They handle great in the Sonoran Desert rocks and at Moab in the slick rock. They are wearing much better than expected. I have rotated them once at 3500 miles. When doing so I finally realized how small these tires are compared to what they state in the size rating. They measure 28" at 5psi (which is where I run them) and 28.5 at 10 psi. I expect to replace them soon with 32" tires, probably at 5000 miles. I will be buying wheels too, since the Polaris Rims state "Do Not Mount Tires Over 29" on the inside of the wheel. Can't believe Polaris put 8" rims on the rear and 6" on the front. Haven't decided yet if I will go with the EFX Motivators or the Tusk Terrabites, both of which are DOT rated. Regardless I will be buying 6" rims all around with a 5+1 offset to keep the stock wheel stance. I ride a lot of narrow trails and don't want anything that brings me over 65".

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  • Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire

    Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire

    Rusty in AZ

    Tusk tires rzr xp4 Turbo

    So this has been an amazing tire on my rzr xp4 turbo. The tire is holding up great and the tread patern has work in all conditions. The tire does sit a little more narrow than what i was running prior but it seems to add clearance. I have put them on my non turbo as well and they are still running strong. Very happy keep the price point.

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  • ITP Mud Lite XL Tire

    ITP Mud Lite XL Tire

    sarah in MD

    Big bear 400 26x10x12 from and 26x12x12 rear

    Great smooth tires have never been actually stuck with these thing

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  • ITP Holeshot XC Tire

    ITP Holeshot XC Tire

    SHILO in CA

    I've used Hole Shots for years

    Great tires. Great traction.

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  • GBC Dirt Commander Tire

    GBC Dirt Commander Tire

    tyler in WV

    The perfect tire for all around

    They hook up great and not to aggressive doesn’t matter if it’s snow mud or dry out I’ve ran them on my rzr 1000xp and grizzly 700 would recommend this product to anyone

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