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Motorcycle Tires - All from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Why would you run from store to store or spend hours searching online for Motorcycle Tires when you can find exactly what you need at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC? Quite simply, no one has the selection of motorcycle tires and street bike tires we have, at the prices we do. We carry top brands like Dunlop motorcycle tires, Michelin motorcycle tires, Bridgestone motorcycle tires and Metzeler motorcycle tires.

The kind of tire you need depends on the kind of riding you do. Will you be riding on or off the road? Will you be racing, cruising or touring for a long period of time? No matter what or where you’ll be riding, Rocky Mountain ATV/ has the motorcycle tires and street bike tires you need and we’ve made it easy to find them on our website. For example, if you have a dirt bike, simply click on the “Dirt Bike” tab at the top of our website then click on the Dirt Bike Tires and Wheels” tab on the left which will take you to our “Tire Finder” section. Once you enter the make, model and year of your bike, a variety of bike tires will display for you to choose from. It’s just that easy.

We’re the experts on knowing which tires are required for the different types of riding. We know for sport bikes, a dual compound Z rated tire that provides an optimal grip when turning is ideal. If you love to cruise the strip or boulevard, tires with a heavier compound like the Michelin Commander II is best and if you’re a touring cyclist, make sure you choose street bike tires that will endure a lot of mileage and have a wider tread.

Don’t waste time and money searching for motorcycle tires and street bike tires that will fit your bike and are the best value. You can always rely on Rocky Mountain ATV/ to have exactly what you need at low prices and fast shipping.

Latest Motorcycle Motorcycle Tires - All Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pirelli Diablo Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Pirelli Diablo Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dick in New Jersey

    Steer clear

    Steer clear from this tire if you expect a reasonable amount of grip. Bought these tires like above folks. When warm these are OK at best, never really inspired confidence and just a very bland feeling having these tires under you, very little feedback or sense of grip. Lasted about 3k on the rear. Front could last longer but I feel like it will start to cup in 1k miles or less. Spend the extra ca$h and get something other than this!

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  • Dunlop American Elite Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Dunlop American Elite Rear Motorcycle Tire

    N in WA

    Dunlop American Elite - Front Tire - 200/55-17

    I had the original Dunlop D401 rear tires and only managed to get 6200 miles out of the tires with 1/32nd of tread remaining in the center. I had terrible cupping on the RIGHT side of the tread that actually wore completely smooth. I was told that this was because the tire wasn't always properly inflated. I'm hoping to get about 12k miles out of these tires. The 200 series tires are just notorious for getting poor mileage. A new D401 200 series tire starts out with 8/32nd of tread. And these American Elite tires start out with only just a hair more of 9/32nd of tread. The main contributing factor is that this particular rear tire is "MULTI-TREAD." So it is suppose to have harder compound in the center for longer mileage and softer on the outside for grip around corners. I hope this is true and have high expectations for this tire. I will def buy this tire again because it's American made! BTW, always check the air pressure in this tire--especially for heavier cruisers. I run it at 42 psi COLD. I do this in order to maximize mileage and prevent premature failure.

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  • Dunlop American Elite Front Motorcycle Tire

    Dunlop American Elite Front Motorcycle Tire

    N in WA

    Dunlop American Elite - Front Tire - MT90-16

    My motorcycle had a bad wobble in the front wheel. This was with the stock D401 tire. I took it in to the dealer and asked them to true it up (spoked rim). Getting the wheel trued helped a little bit but still shook bad at 50+ mph. After buying a new front tire, all the wobble VIRTUALLY went away! It's now perfect with these tires! I love the WIDE lettering on the sidewalls. I actually took a grease pen and marked the "DUNLOP" on the side. Looks really cool when riding down the road--actually. I'm hoping to have more than 12k miles out of these tires before needing to replace them. I will def buy these again over the Michelin Commander IIs simply because these are American made tires.

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  • Michelin Pilot Power Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Pilot Power Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Vincent in NJ

    Great Tire

    After stock Dunlop went to the Michelin Power Pure, road it till it balded, didn't like them at all. Then slapped these bad boys on and immediately felt the difference. These tires warm up so quickly that as soon as I took my first jug handle (less than a mile from home) I normally took, they started to over steer. This is my 2nd set and I doubt I'll ever change because these tires are exactly what I am looking for. If you decide to go with these tires you'll definitely not be sorry.

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  • Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Radial Rear Motorcycle Tire

    steven in IN

    Best tires I've ever owned

    Well had to change my rear tire sooner than expected, had a 2" crate nail in it, good news is it got me home. These tires are great, can't blame them for a nail, they have an 800 + lbs load rating and a 168 mph speed rating they are perfect for sport touring. The tire I just replaced, bought here a yr ago and some change, had over 10k on it, still had almost 1/4" of tread in the center of the tire, that's awesome. I should add they are great in the rain in my opinion. Been riding 40+ years and these ARE THE BEST TIRES I'VE EVER OWNED. Along with that the best prices are right here at Jake Wilson, they are over $200.00 just about everywhere including: Cycle Gear, Revzilla, and Competition Accessories. Thanks Jake Wilson. p.s. ordered after midnite on Friday and arrived the following Tuesday morning with free shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Bridgestone Battlax BT016 Pro Hypersport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Bridgestone Battlax BT016 Pro Hypersport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Jason in UT

    Great ride

    These tires were smooth and had a great deal of grip, Still looking for a tire to last more than about 3000-3500 miles although I am pretty hard on them

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