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Brake Pad Buyer's Guide

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ATV Brake Pads

Some things on your quad’s maintenance schedule simply can’t be neglected. While they only need to be replaced on an as-needed basis, changing out your ATV’s brake pads is a must when the time comes. Brake pads allow you to achieve the stopping power you need. Without brakes, your four wheeler is just a catastrophe waiting to happen.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we carry multiple brands of brake pads, including EBC, Galfer, Pro X, Tusk and more. But we don’t just carry multiple names, we also stock pads made out of different compounds.


Carbon ATV brake pads offer excellent stopping power. In many cases, they perform better than pads made with sintered metal, and they usually cost less too. However, they tend to wear out faster. And if you enjoy riding in mud, it’s best to avoid carbon brake pads – mud wears them out quickly.

Sintered Metal

Sintered metal ATV brake pads wear well, and while they may not grant the same stopping power, they last longer than their carbon cousins. This is due to their metallic properties. However, they also tend to cause increased wear on the rotor. So while you won’t be changing out your brake pads as frequently, you will be changing out the rotor sooner than you would otherwise.

Regardless of your choice, you know that you’re getting a great deal from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We offer our ATV brake pads at the lowest price in the industry. Take a look at our selection now.

Latest ATV Brake Pads Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Double H

    EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Double H

    Adam in TX

    Only wish they came with hardware

    These work pretty good.. stop ok - but DO heat up quite a bit. I only wish they came with the retaining clips!

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  • Tusk Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Tusk Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    aaron in MI

    Great service and even better product's.

    Pads are durable and reliable, and had quick delivery time. Thanks Rocky Mountain ATV/MC!

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  • Neutron Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Neutron Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Adam in WA

    First ride on new pads...

    I purchased these on clearance, with the intent of quieting the brakes down. The nortorious rear brake pad squeal is gone. Oddly though, one ATV stops much quicker, with my greater initial bite, and my second ATV has lost some initial bite. I'm hoping that after the pads are completely bedded/broken-in, that the lackluster performance on my second ATV corrects itself.

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  • EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Metal "R" Series

    EBC Brake Pad - Sintered Metal "R" Series

    Adrian in NT

    Best pads for mud and grit

    We have extreme mud conditions during the monsoon season here in Darwin Australia and riders complain about destroying a set of rear pads every ride. One set of Tusk pads I used lasted 2 hours. These R series pads are the only ones that hold up and will still be there at the end of a mud race. Now the only pad that I use on both my bikes. Also on a recent trip to Cambodia found out that the R series is the pad of choice for the dirtbike tour operators that I went with.

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  • Pro X Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Pro X Brake Pad - Sintered Metal

    Michael in AR

    Required some burn in time on kx65! They are a little thick new

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  • DP Brakes Standard Sintered Metal Pads

    DP Brakes Standard Sintered Metal Pads

    Mike in MI

    Front brake pads

    Nice brake pads Much better price than oem Brake feel is good

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