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ATV Jackets

Do you go out riding in the cold? If you do, an ATV jacket is essential. You can’t be comfortable if you’re not warm, and that can put a damper on any ride. There are a lot of options when it comes to a good riding jacket, but it’s important to find one that best suits your needs.

One of the first things to consider is what temperatures you’ll be riding in with your jacket. Do you need something for the brisk fall weather? Or do you need a jacket that can handle the bitter cold of the middle of winter? Not all ATV jackets have the same level of warmth, and you don’t want to end up with something that won’t keep the chills out or that will heat you up too much.

It’s best if you can find something weather resistant. Waterproof is even better. You never know when you might get caught in the rain while out on the trails, and you’ll appreciate something that keeps the water out. Being wet on a cold day is no fun, and even an extra-warm jacket won’t cut it if the water seeps right through to you.

You’ve got to be on guard against water getting in, but you’ve also got to find a way to get water out – sweat. A little sweat can soak poorly designed gear and quickly become uncomfortable. A good jacket is breathable. If you spend a lot of time on your quad in the cold, you might even want to consider investing in a jacket that uses Gore-Tex or a similar material. This allows water out (sweat) without allowing water in (rain or other precipitation).

Finally, there are other things that you might find important, like color options or pocket locations.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has a number of excellent ATV jackets that meet a variety of needs. Browse through our selection and pick the one that’s perfect for you.

Latest ATV Jackets Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    Robert in TN

    Buy ARC and save your money for a new bike.

    I do not know why you need to pay $1,000 for riding gear. This will do the job. Its great.

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  • A.R.C. Back Country Foul Weather Jacket

    A.R.C. Back Country Foul Weather Jacket

    Brian in MD

    A.R.C. Jacket! RECOMMENDED

    Now that I have ridden with this jacket a few times I'm ready to give it a rating. The not so bad: Jacket runs small so I purchased the next size up, the cuffs need more Velcro so they can cinch up tighter and last, low cost means no armor in the shoulders or elbows, but should be able to wear something underneath if you want. The good: As long as you layer correctly, it will keep you warm into the lower 40's, it looks really good for a low cost jacket, good amount of storage (ie pockets), and lastly, while I have not ridden in the rain, I did hit a creek crossing way too fast and the wave of water that engulfed me from head to toe did not enter the A.R.C. Jacket or the A.R.C. pants. Luckily I had on my Gaerne Oiled Balance boots and Sidici waterproof gloves and they also kept the water out. For anyone curious, the creek was 15-20ft wide and about 2ft deep and yes we had to cross it to get back home. Fun Fun Fun. "You meet the nicest people on a Honda".

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  • Klim Terrafirma Dust Suit

    Klim Terrafirma Dust Suit

    James A. in NV

    Dirt free.

    The suit is typical great Klim quality. It does run a tad small. Inseam is longer than the norm would expect. Having worn a flight suit for many years the extra length didn’t bother me. I have not had a chance to confirm it weather resistance as of yet.After a couple of washings the suit did soften up a bit. I’m 6’4 , built like a bear and had plenty of room thanks to the built in straps. Couple this with the R1 helmet, I expect to be void of dust and mud after a long day.

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  • Fly Racing Patrol Jacket 2017

    Fly Racing Patrol Jacket 2017

    Keith in VA

    great jacket for cooler mornings!

    would recommend this jacket

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  • Acerbis Rain Jacket

    Acerbis Rain Jacket

    DUANE in WA

    Rain Jacket

    The perfect rain jacket to carry in your pack haven't had a chance to use it yet very lightweight .

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  • Fly Racing Patrol Jacket

    Fly Racing Patrol Jacket

    Kelly in WA

    Great Jacket

    Bought it for my son, keeps him warmer and dryer than my more expensive jacket.

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