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  • Fox Racing Women's Comp 5 Boots 2015

    Fox Racing Women's Comp 5 Boots 2015

    Adriana in AZ

    Nice boots

    Been racing with these for close to a year and loved them. Comfortable, looked good, fit right. Only complaint is that the rubber on the left inside foot has ripped, I'm guessing from kick starting the bike and hitting the foot peg. But my bike can be very hard to start so the excess kicking probably wore the boots out faster and I wouldn't have had to replace them if it weren't for that.

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  • Alpinestars Women's Stella Tech 3 Boots

    Alpinestars Women's Stella Tech 3 Boots

    Deidre in FL

    My boots are killer!!!! Show stoppers for sure and super comfortable!!

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  • O'Neal Racing Women's Rider Boots

    O'Neal Racing Women's Rider Boots

    Jeremie in OH

    Wife said her boots had to be girly

    Wife was happy to receive girly boots (guess pink makes it so, lol) that fit. At 6'1" and a women's size 12 she can't buy shoes/boots anywhere really. (hopefully she never sees I posted that) She was surprised I found a women's boot in her size and she was over the moon excited to put them on and have them fit.

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  • Thor Women's Blitz Boots

    Thor Women's Blitz Boots

    Brook in WI


    On the left boot the buckles bony want to work and they are heard to push them down but over all they do there job

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  • O'Neal Racing Women's Rider Boots 2017

    O'Neal Racing Women's Rider Boots 2017

    Michael in CA

    Bought these for the wife and she loves them

    I bought these for the wife. she rides a quad, and previously had been using regular work boots not riding boots. We took these out for our weekend trip this past weekend and she said they fit perfectly true to size, a little on the heavy side of things and took a good 4 hours or so to break in. Overall though they have a super easy buckle design and are very comfortable for her. Good all around protection, and the price is rock solid!

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  • Fox Racing Women's Comp 5 Boots

    Fox Racing Women's Comp 5 Boots

    Miele in Puntarenas

    The new fox boots (new flo pink) don´t have the sam...

    It´s a shame the quality seem to decrease in the new products. I have bought about 10 pairs of women’s Fox boots since I started riding. The old style was made to last longer. I would have a shoe repair guy stich the sole to the actual boot when they were brand new and could get about 6 to 12 months out of them (I usually have 3 pairs and I alternate) . The new pair I got (flo pink) is definitely worse. The pink layer was coming apart just a few weeks after I got them. I have an old pair that I have used at least twice as many times, and they are just starting to come apart. Also on the new style, they removed the velcro on the upper side of the boot. This made it easier to keep your boot in the correct spot while you bukle them. It also preserves the shape of the boot when you are not wearing them. It´s a shame that fox is not trying to improve their product. I agree the new boots look better than the old ones, but the value and durability are not there. I hope they fix this issue so I can keep buying their product.

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