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  • Atlas Broll Kids Neck Brace

    Atlas Broll Kids Neck Brace

    Chris in KS

    Nice for the money but could be better

    The front velcro closure came unglued after a week. Also, it is velcro on both sides, so easy for a kid to lose.

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  • EVS R4 Pro Race Collar

    EVS R4 Pro Race Collar

    joe in WA

    love it!

    fits nicely, made very well!

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  • EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    EVS R4 Youth Neck Support

    Yancy in NM

    Adjustment screw broke while adjusting

    I went to adjust it for my daughters size and it broke at the adjustment spot. It was the metal screw head that sheered off. I considered just going to the store and getting a different one but it was the principle. Rocky mountain did me right and gave me a refund. I will be ordering another one. I don't think it will affect the integrity of the unit. I would not buy another if I thought the safety would be compromised.

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  • Leatt GPX 5.5 Junior Neck Brace

    Leatt GPX 5.5 Junior Neck Brace

    Eric in KS

    Great brace

    I bought two of these for my 7 and 5 year old boys, They have only had them for a few weeks but they have both fell multiple times, None of them have fell hard enough for the brace to do what it is supposed to do but I can say that it should made me feel a whole lot better knowing that they had them on when they did. Well constructed, Very adjustable. After 2 years of riding these braces are still like new, My boys toss them around and really don't take care of them and yet they are doing great, Highly recommend these braces.

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  • Atlas Tyke Youth Neck Brace

    Atlas Tyke Youth Neck Brace

    Timothy in WA

    Got this for my youngest.

    OK, as the name implies I have 6 riders....4 of us race harescrambles, the two youngest are 9 and 7 and both have different neck braces. My 9 yo has a Leatt Fusion...I like this set up, it is a quality piece of gear with excellent complaints about this at all. My 7 yo, who just started racing has this Atlas neck brace. Our decision between the two had to do with the kids body size. I couldn't justify a Fusion for the youngest as the body armor part doesn't fit him quite right. This Atlas fits him great and as he grows, I only need to buy new body protection. This should last him for many years. The fit is excellent, ease of set up is excellent as well. One very nice thing about the Atlas is that it doesn't limit needed range of movement of his head (he can look around as needed). The Leatt does limit some movement of the head. Hopefully he never tests it, but he did crash A LOT at his last race and the brace never seemed to move (w/o straps) or get in his way. Light, (seemingly) comfortable, he LIKES it---which means he'll wear it---Overall a really good buy! I'd recommend it to anyone in the market for a neck brace. My oldest also has an Atlas, I am next to get one as I really dislike my Leatt, I didn't even wear it (my Leatt) at my last race.

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  • Leatt Fusion 2.0 Junior Vest with Neck Brace

    Leatt Fusion 2.0 Junior Vest with Neck Brace

    Michael in CA

    poor design

    The idea of the brace is great and I liked it for my son, but it does no good when the hinge(not really a hinge but needs to be one) on the left side broke with just routine taking it off-no impacts. Trail riding 8 year old-the brace is over a year old-10-12 rides with the brace. Another reviewer also had this problem. I am currently waiting for rocky mountain to deal with this known issue with Leatt. Leatt knows this is a problem but continues to sell this brace without a design fix? It has been more than one year since purchase, rocky mountain can not do anything. I called Leatt, "we are working on a redesign, you just have to be careful putting it on and taking it off". Strict one year return policy, "but we will give you a 35% off coupon for a one time purchase". I do not want the faulty product. Terrible customer care. We were careful with it, you are putting it around your childs neck.

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