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Saddlebags from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Motorcycle saddlebags represent freedom. Instead of being constrained to riding only when you do not need to bring anything along, saddlebags allow you to pack necessary gear with you wherever you go. But there’s more to it than simply being able to carry extra gear. Saddlebags are designed with durability in mind, giving your gear appropriate protection. They’re also designed to enhance your bike’s overall style.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we stock several excellent motorcycle saddlebags to ensure that you find a product that’s right for your bike. You can’t afford to go with a second-rate bag to store your valuables, and that’s why we’ve selected highly reputable brands. Here are just a few:

  • Motocentric
  • Willie & Max
  • Cortech
  • Chase Harper
  • Wolfman
  • Tourmaster
  • Ortlieb
  • Saddlemen
  • And more

We have many styles available. From hard-case panniers to vintage-style swingarm bags to soft leather throw overs, you’ll find something here to match your bike as well as your needs. Some even include the necessary mounting brackets, and others don’t require any sort of additional mount at all.

Reclaim the freedom that your bike is supposed to represent. Pick up a pair of new motorcycle saddlebags today.

Latest Motorcycle Saddlebags Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Tusk Aluminum Panniers

    Tusk Aluminum Panniers

    Aaron in WI

    minor issues but a great buy

    These are very inexpensive compared to any other option for aluminum panniers. Quality has only a few issues and that is with the paint and hardware. The paint had several blemishes including orange peel and drips. These issues are not a big deal to me because it got several conspicuity stickers added to cover the areas plus the bike will end up getting scratched at some point. The hardware was loose and I lost one of the clips on top. Change out the hardware or lock-tight it all. Latches and lock are working well so far.

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  • Willie & Max Braided Fleetside Slant Motorcycle Saddlebag

    Willie & Max Braided Fleetside Slant Motorcycle Saddlebag

    Richard in WA

    Bags are nice

    These bags are nice great price too.

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  • Willie & Max Compact Braided Slant Motorcycle Saddlebag

    Willie & Max Compact Braided Slant Motorcycle Saddlebag

    Richard in WA

    Bags for the Bike

    I like being able to carry a few things now. These worked out great for my M50.

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  • Ortlieb Moto Saddle-Bags

    Ortlieb Moto Saddle-Bags

    Sarah Ruth in WA

    Fine bags for the money, but not on my bike

    These seemed to be the best bang for the buck, especially since they didn't require a side rack system. Unfortunately they won't work on my bike. I could do some strap and buckle modifications to get them semi-secure, but one bumpy dirt road and they'd be off-center, on the exhaust pipe, the tire tread, or competing with me for my seat. Quality is fine, but I wouldn't recommend this for a Honda CRF250L.

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  • Willie & Max Compact Slant Motorcycle Saddlebag

    Willie & Max Compact Slant Motorcycle Saddlebag

    Alex in ID


    I had to take a backpack everywhere, there are times I don't want to hassle with leaving it at the front desk when going in to a store. They hold about a 2 liter bottle for each side, not much but better than the alternative. It holds their form even while in high winds, the exterior is pretty rugged. Easy to tie up to the frame, lots of string they provide to tie it down.

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  • Moose Racing Expedition Saddlebags

    Moose Racing Expedition Saddlebags

    glen in CA

    Useful while they last

    ive had these for a while and the only problem ive noticed is they are starting to fade. my bike is garage kept so its not like its bakeing in the sun all day. if they hadnt started to fade id give them a 5 out of 5 been about a year and they are faded really bad and the straps are starting to break. The place where the straps connect to the bags are falling apart.the zippers still work fine and can still be used but will have to modify them to continue use. Bike is garage kept and only parked outside for a few ours a day while at work and I even try to park it in the shade, they bike rarely sees water other than the occasional washing.

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