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ATV enthusiasts love to get out and ride when the weather warms up, but overheating your machine will end your fun in a hurry. A good coolant is a necessary component when riding in warmer weather as your engine will be running hotter, and boiling over can cause serious damage to your engine. At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we carry top products like Cycle Logic Engine Ice and Maxima Coolanol, among others, that come premixed and ready to use so that you will never miss a day of riding out in the sun.

Not only are coolants designed to keep your machine from boiling over, but many are also formulated with anti-freezing agents in the mixture to keep your coolant from freezing up when the weather turns cold. We carry a wide variety of ATV engine coolant products to keep your machine running at the right temperature all year long. Check out our selection from brands like Bel-Ray, Cycle Logic, Liquid Performance, Red Line, Yamalube and more!

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  • Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Cycle Logic Engine Ice

    Branden in PA

    Big difference in engine cooling efficiency

    Engine Ice doesn't make your engine run "colder," so not sure of those claims. Engines are made to operate in an optimal temperature range, so what this does is allows your engine to dissipate heat a WHOLE lot better. In other words, whereas stock coolant may boil over when riding slower trails where the engine is working really hard (rock climbing, etc.), Engine Ice handles it more efficiently and dissipates the heat better. Under those loads, the reduction in temperature is really a prevention of the INCREASE in temperature by up to 50-degrees. I can tell the difference already. The radiator fan doesn't come on nearly as often, and my temperature gauge rarely, if ever goes above 2 clicks now (used to hit 3 on an average ride). I think the engine is benefiting from this better coolant. And for the price, you really can't beat this upgrade in cooling efficiency. :)

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  • Suzuki Performance Pre-Mixed 50/50 Coolant

    Suzuki Performance Pre-Mixed 50/50 Coolant

    JAMES in AL

    haven't used it yet

    my bike is under warranty. so i bought as much OEM stuff to make it look like i am following the warranty guidelines. wouldn't you?

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  • Pro Honda HP Coolant

    Pro Honda HP Coolant

    Daniel in MT


    I like that it is pre-mix.

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  • KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    Michael in MD

    Cool Operation

    Can't beat a KTM Motorex suggested product, worked great last weekend bike stayed cool through the woods and on the track. Motorex is the best stuff for your KTM.

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  • Maxima Coolanol

    Maxima Coolanol

    Matt in CA

    Great stuff.

    Good stuff. Not much else to say.

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  • Yamalube Yamacool

    Yamalube Yamacool

    Jeff in UT

    Good coolant

    Used to replace coolant that was in a bike I recently bought. I was having a problem boiling over every ride, since I changed my coolant I have not boiled over once.

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