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Engine Valves and Shim KitsEngine Valves and Shim Kits

Engine Valves and Shim Kits from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Valves and Spring Kits. High quality stainless steel intake and exhaust valves will restore performance and durability. Titanium Valves are also available. Find a great selection from brands like Kibble White, ProX, Faction and more for your Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki and Suzuki.

Latest ATV Engine Valves and Shim Kits Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Kibblewhite Black Diamond Intake Valve

    Kibblewhite Black Diamond Intake Valve

    Robert in CA

    The only way to go!

    I have been running these in all of my bikes for the last 12 years, they are the best. Forget the titanium, these are lightweight stainless with no noticeable power loss. I got 500 hours out of my last set versus 100 hours out of the OEM titanium.

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  • Kibblewhite Valve Spring Kit

    Kibblewhite Valve Spring Kit

    Michael in TX

    Valve Spring Kit not as depicted in photos

    I purchased this valve spring kit for my 2007 Honda TRX400EX looking for a nice complete kit with springs and valve stem seals based on the photos. When I got the kit, there were no valve stem seals as shown in the photos. I am disappointed that the descriptions and photos are not based on the actual kits and just the generic items. Therefore, I had to take the time to submit another order, at a later date, to purchase the valve stem seals so I could complete my rebuild. I have ordered a lot of items from this website, so now I think I am going to have to confirm more information before some items are purchased?

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  • Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit

    Hot Cams Valve Shim Kit

    Stephen in UT

    Keep your calipers handy

    I just did my first valve lash adjustment on my WR and was surprised when I pulled out the shims that nearly all of them measured thicker than their stated size IE 192 measured to 195. When I bought these shims I kind of expected there would be variances between the stated size and actual size, I was correct. It really wasn't an issue but I just needed to measure each one individually and make sure it would keep the valve lash in spec. Measure five times and install once.

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  • Kibblewhite Black Diamond Exhaust Valve

    Kibblewhite Black Diamond Exhaust Valve

    Everardo in CA

    No problems at all

    Haven't had any problems with these valves ever since they were installed.

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