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How To - Clean & Oil An Air Filter

ATV Air Filter Cleaners and Supplies

For many ATV riders, the dirtier the ride, the more fun it is. Although ATVs are well equipped for dirt, mud, sand and grime, a soiled air filter can cause problems for the machine – such as stealing power you could be using to have more fun – if not cleaned regularly. Air filter maintenance is mandatory for optimal airflow to keep your machine performing at its best.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we carry a wide variety of air filter cleaners and oils that get the grimiest filters clean again. Cleaning and oiling an air filter is probably the easiest maintenance you can do on your ATV. If you have never cleaned a filter before, we have provided a couple of videos for your reference on air filter maintenance:

Remember to choose the correct cleaners and oils for the type of filter you have as some air filters are not compatible with certain chemicals. This information can easily be located in the product descriptions on the webpage for each of the chemicals. Check out our selection now to get started on cleaning your air filter!

Latest ATV Air Filter Maintenance Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Ely in IL

    Must have-buy it in the bottle

    Always use Maxima FFT for oil on my filters and when comes time to clean them i use a mineral spirits to break down the dirt, rinse majority of dirt off and then let filter soak in a can of this cleaner for 5 min. Hose filter out and clean with dish soap to get rid of cleaner left behind. Let filter dry in a ventilated area.

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  • Twin Air Filter Care Kit

    Twin Air Filter Care Kit

    Kassidy in NC


    works awesome! Highly recommeneds for all your needs. Very durable and great price.

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  • Bel-Ray Foam Air Filter Oil Spray

    Bel-Ray Foam Air Filter Oil Spray

    Robert in PA

    Good stuff

    I like it. A little pricey for a can but seems to work really well.

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  • Uni Foam Air Filter Service Kit

    Uni Foam Air Filter Service Kit

    Steven in CA

    Makes a messy job quick and easy!

    I change my air filters and oil every other time we go riding. I admit we don’t put the hard hours that some do and with the frequency and conditions we ride our filters are never too dirty. But I can say. Cleaning and oiling the foam air filters with Uni spray products makes what I know can be a messy job quick and easy. Spray on wash off. It gets almost all the previous oil residues off in one application. I usually hit twice because I’m OCD!

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  • Maxima FAB-1 Air Filter Oil

    Maxima FAB-1 Air Filter Oil

    james in PA

    Like all Maxima products, it works great. Love all of Maxima oils

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  • No Toil Evolution Air Filter Maintenance Kit With Grease

    No Toil Evolution Air Filter Maintenance Kit With Grease

    Swirve in CA

    Works awesome. Easy to clean and easy to oil and seal

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