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ATV Handlebars

If your existing quad’s setup isn’t quite as comfortable as you’d like, you might want to consider upgrading to a new set of ATV handlebars. They come in a variety of sizes and bends. This allows you to identify a more comfortable riding arrangement.

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we stock a variety of handlebars, ensuring that you have plenty of options when it comes to your four wheeler. Just take a look at a few of the brands we carry:

  • Renthal
  • Pro Taper
  • Fly Racing
  • MSR
  • Tusk
  • Odi

Most brands offer several different choices. Of course, the color is left up completely to your preference, but there are a few details you’ll want to take note of. Handlebars come in either 7/8" or 1 1/8" sizes. This refers to the diameter of the actual handlebar tube. Of course, the 1 1/8" size is stronger.

You’ll also need to consider which bend you want (which is essentially its shape). Most handlebar brands include an ATV-specific bend. While you should consider this, it isn’t mandatory. Take a look at the sizing chart included on each page to help you decide which bend to get.

If you’re looking for handlebars of superb quality to help reduce wrist pain or arm pump, you can’t go wrong with Fasst Flexx. Just take a look at the customer reviews we’ve collected to see why they come so highly recommended.

If you need a new set of ATV handlebars, you can’t go wrong with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Browse our selection now to see what is available.

Latest ATV Handlebars Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Renthal Twinwall 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Renthal Twinwall 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Todd in WA

    Too Strong

    Not replacing my bars every other month any more and my bar pad cover is starting to get old and faded. These bars are way too durable.

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  • Pro-Taper Contour 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Pro-Taper Contour 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Owen in WV

    Knurled clutch end make lock on grips difficult

    Nice, good quality handlebars. But. If you like the Emig type lock-on grips, the knurled clutch end makes it very difficult to fit the grip. Hence only 4 stars.

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  • Fasst Flexx 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Fasst Flexx 1 1/8" Handlebar

    Tim in AZ


    Believe the hype. These bars are a true game changer. I found the red rebound and yellow compression elastomers to fit me perfectly. I chose the 12 degree enduro bars after reading numerous reviews. My previous bars were 14 degree and honestly I didn't feel that much of a difference from the sweep aspect. BUT, where I felt an instant difference was in the smoothness of the bike. It builds confidence. You can stay in control longer, all while riding more aggressively. It's makes the most plush suspension feel even better. Yes They work. Yes they're more expensive than standard bars. We spend thousands of dollars on bikes and thousands on accessories. Why not make your riding experience more enjoyable and more comfortable. They are worth the price.

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  • Fly Racing Aluma-Steel 7/8" Handlebars

    Fly Racing Aluma-Steel 7/8" Handlebars

    hank in PA

    fly bars

    Great bars super deal

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  • MSR Carbon Steel 7/8" Handlebar

    MSR Carbon Steel 7/8" Handlebar

    Adam in ID

    Handle bars

    Replaced my stock handle bars with these...color is great and so is overall feel

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  • Renthal 1 1/8" FatBar

    Renthal 1 1/8" FatBar

    Zack in NM

    Great Bars !!

    Quality Renthal Product !! Great Bars and the Speedy shipping of rocky mountain atv&mc made me happy

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