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ATV Chains

ATV chains require two points of maintenance: regular lubrication and length adjustment. You shouldn’t neglect either. Lube keeps the chain moving efficiently (something that is important at the high speeds a four wheeler demands). It’s also important to keep dirt and particles out of the chain, which causes increased wear. Over time the wear on the chain causes it to naturally stretch. Adjusting it keeps it at an appropriate length to reduce unnecessary wear.

However, even with proper maintenance, there comes a time when a quad’s chain needs to be replaced (as with all ATV parts). When that time arrives, we hope you’ll think of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We carry a variety of ATV chains to fit your needs. We stock major brands like DID, RK, Renthal, Primary Drive and more.

When shopping for a new drive chain, one of the most important things to consider is the seal. Standard chains include no seal and require constant lubrication to run efficiently. While less expensive, standard chains will wear out more quickly if you neglect lubrication or have intense riding demands. O-ring chains include a seal for the factory lubrication, reducing the amount of maintenance that is required. The O-rings also help keep dirt out, extending the life of the chain. X-ring chains are similar, but the cross section of the seal is shaped more like an X than a circle. This creates a two contact points instead of one, ideally improving the seal while reducing friction. However, X-ring chains tend to cost more than O-ring chains.

Whatever your preference, you can rely on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC when you’re looking for ATV chains. Browse our selection now.

Latest ATV Chains Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    Renthal 520 R-1 Works Chain

    TOM in PA

    Stretched out alot quickly

    Maybe it's because I ride a 450 and ride alot and in the woods, but this chain sucks, it stretched out alot each ride, always had to tighten it and it only lasted about 4 weeks before it was stretched out way too much. Also it was barely lighter than the Primary Drive x ring chain that I went back to that last much much longer. Fast Vet A rider.

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  • DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    DID 520 ERT2 Gold Chain

    Benjamin in OR

    Strong, light, looks good.

    This chain works awesome and it lasts for a long time. I milked it for 3 seasons, then used it as my dune chain. Its toast now, but I got more than what I paid for.

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  • Primary Drive 520 ORM O-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORM O-Ring Chain

    Garrett in PA

    With steel sprockets, this combo is unbeatable!

    Longest lasting chain I've ever used. Unless you're a pro supercross racer, the extra weight won't kill you!

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  • Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    Primary Drive 520 ORH Gold X-Ring Chain

    skyler in CA

    Worth the money

    It is a great product for the price. It has lasted me over 4,000 miles. I run Baja with this chain. I have not even have seen any signs of wear. Never have to tighten the chain after use. Best chain I have had. I will buy others.

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  • DID 520 Chain

    DID 520 Chain

    Kevin in CO

    Worst chain ever

    I would say I got about 12 - 15 hrs of freeriding out of this. Maybe less. I have never had a chain die this fast. I mean my TM Racing 300MX is really powerful but this is ridiculous!

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