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Top 5 Warm Weather ADV Jackets

ADV/Dual Sport Motorcycle Jackets

A good dual sport jacket may seem hard to come by because it needs to incorporate so many different features. It has to effectively handle a wide variety of weather conditions as well as act as suitable protection for crashes. And since you’ll be riding off-road as well as on the street, you need a jacket that is as versatile as your riding style. That’s where Rocky Mountain ATV/MC comes in. We carry a large selection of adventure motorcycle jackets that will meet your needs and allow you to comfortably follow the trail or road wherever it takes you.

It’s important that you decide what you’re actually looking for in a jacket and then read the product descriptions to find a match.

First off, an adventure jacket needs to be ready for, well, anything! And that means being able to handle a wide variety of conditions. You’ll want something that can keep you warm when it’s a little chilly outside. But if it’s too toasty, it will be uncomfortable in warmer weather when you might still want the jacket for protective reasons. Many adventure jackets include strategically placed vents to help with this. In warm weather, just open the vents and allow the airflow to cool you off. You might be surprised at how effective a good venting system can be. In cold weather, just keep the vents closed. That’s it. Of course, vents are just the beginning of the story. Breathability is also essential. A breathable jacket will effectively handle sweat when you’re on your bike. This helps cool you down in warm weather, and it helps prevent you from getting too chilled in cold weather. And don’t forget about waterproof materials like Gore-Tex. The technology that goes into modern adventure bike jackets is on an incredible level when it comes to climate control.

One of the things that set a riding jacket apart from any regular jacket is the level of protection that is built in. With dual sport riding, you need to worry about two types of protection: impact and abrasion. Impact protection is important for off-road. The more difficult terrain means you’re more likely to take a fall. And if you travel in a group, you’re also more likely to have a stray rock hitting you here and there courtesy of the rider in front of you. Abrasion protection is important on the street, where a crash often means you’ll be skidding on asphalt. Don’t discount the importance of protection – you’ll be glad you heeded this advice when you find yourself in a crash. On an adventure motorcycle, you may find you spend quite some time on the road or only the time it takes to get from one trail to another. Assess your dirt/street ratio and consider it when you’re looking at different dual sport jackets.

Other features are also important, like pockets and water resistance. The quality of material can also be a big deal. Don’t forget that when you go down on the trail, a high quality material is less likely to tear due to an inconveniently placed branch.

Find a jacket that suits your needs among our numerous offerings. We have many brands, colors, styles and sizes. We also have several different price points, ensuring there’s a great adventure motorcycle jacket for any budget. Scroll around and browse our offerings. Once you’ve identified a few, the best thing you can do is read the product descriptions. These provide important details like denier count or zipper construction. And it’s the little details that can make a big difference in your day-to-day enjoyment.

When available, read the customer reviews. They’ll often provide insights on how a particular jacket performs. Check out our selection now and pick up your next dual sport jacket today!

Latest Riding Gear Jackets Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    Dylan in UT

    Most comfortable and Most padded for the price!

    I wasn’t sure what jacket to get but out of all the brands they had in stock this was the most comfortable and the most padded for the price. It’s a super warm jacket when you need it to be, riding in freezing temperature was no problem. When it’s warmer out all the vents on this jacket easily cool you down so you can enjoy your ride. I highly recommend this jacket!

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  • Thor Pack Jacket

    Thor Pack Jacket

    Terry in CA

    Great jacket!

    Fit well, even over all my pads

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  • KTM Rally Jacket

    KTM Rally Jacket

    A in CA

    Good jacket for the price . Needs work on stiching seems flimsy

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  • Acerbis Rain Jacket

    Acerbis Rain Jacket

    Scott in WA

    Cheap and Easy

    Does its job for a fair price. ..

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  • Tourmaster Draft Air Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    Tourmaster Draft Air Series 3 Motorcycle Jacket

    David in TX

    Great All around jacket

    Im 5'11" and 225lbs. The XL size fits me perfectly. Ive worn this jacket in the Texas summer (95 degrees) and it ventilates very well. I also have been using this jacket during the winter with the liner in and a couple layers underneath. Ive ridden down to 45 degrees with it along with the layers. The armor feel pretty good and would probably protect you well in a get off but I have yet to go down with it. This jacket is a great value for the money. Not much out there better for less.

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  • Fly Street Terra Trek 4 Jacket

    Fly Street Terra Trek 4 Jacket

    David in CA

    Great jacket... highly recommend!

    I've worn this jacket in desert temperatures of over 100 degrees and cooler evening temps in the 40s. The ventilation for the hot weather was perfect... as long as I was moving, the jacket did not cause me to overheat. With the liner, I was perfectly comfortable in the cooler temps as well. The liner is very easy to add and remove. Great jacket for the money!

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