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intermediate Tires

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  • Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    James in SC

    I will continue to purchase this tire . Again and a...

    I’m riding a 2017 Africa twin. I tried a number of tires but learned that a tire will perform better if properly set up. Adventure bike tires are different from your dirt bike tires. I found that properly balancing of tire is of great importance for longer life. Step two, make sure you have the bike balanced, you have got to get your sag right to get the most out of any tire you choose. That being said we all know that any adventure tire is going to wear more depending on the commute to your favorite riding spots. Tried and tested with the best set up I’ve been able to achieve the tkc-80 has been the best tire for my riding experience, off road performance, highway stability, and overall tire wear.

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  • Continental TKC70 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Continental TKC70 Dual Sport Rear Motorcycle Tire

    keith in IN

    poor off road

    I put this tire on my klr650 to replace a shinko 705 tire. road performance is smooth, however do not purchase this tire if you plan to do any off roading or mud. Admittadly my bike is very heavy. the moment I put it on any mud or wet grass it just spins and spins and slides side to side. I got stuck in my own back yard turning it around on a rainy day. It couldnt get up a tiny embancment to the driveway, just tore up the grass and slid around in place. I had to get off and help push it up a 4 inch lip. Never had traction issues on any other tire. Very disapointed.

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  • Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra -X- Soft To Mid Terrain

    Pirelli Scorpion MX eXTra -X- Soft To Mid Terrain

    MARK in OH

    Worth the money

    Most comfortable tire I've ridden on and has great durability. I rode mostly soft terrain mx with some hard pack indoor mixed in and the pirelli's have out lasted any other brand I've tried.

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  • Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Patricio in Nuevo León

    Great tire

    Works great on rough and smooth surfaces, not really recommended if you ride on a lot of loose stones as they seem to loose grip, I think Bridgestone makes one for tougher surfaces. Overall really nice tires, they do have a lot of traction and great handling.

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  • Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Maxxis Maxxcross Desert Intermediate Terrain Tire

    Reiner in AZ

    AZ deserts and high country

    I have about 50 hours and 1300 miles on the rear tire with the center knobbies looking worn out. It works well most places in the desert; it's particularly good in sand and have even used when new at the Glamis sand dunes with good results. The knobbies did get chewed up pretty bad riding in very tight, rocky trails in Flagstaff AZ towards the end of the tires life. The side and center knobs both got many large cuts all the way through with some side ones ripped clean off. I don't think other tires would have fared any better so I will most likely be purchasing another one soon.

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  • Dunlop D605 Front Dual Sport Tire

    Dunlop D605 Front Dual Sport Tire

    timothy in NC

    Best 50/50 tire I have used

    This tire set performed perfectly for what it is! It is a 50/50 tire, not a knobby or touring tire. Mud was a slower pace and riding for the conditions. I completed the MABDR on this tire and it worked very well. It handled as expected in the various terrains. It performed much better on the street than I expected. I was able to hang with BMW's through the paved curves without feeling any loss of traction. We busted the interstate back home and it was 12 hours of 70 mph. It rained on us for 3 to 4 hrs. I never felt unstable. They tracked well in the rain grooves. It griped on the gravel as expected, yet I could break it free for more spirited riding if needed. Braking was good on all surfaces. Tread life was better than expected. I thought they would be toast after the trip, but they have at least 50% tread still left. I ran proper air pressure while I was on the pavement. I also uesd a tubliss system and they held air very well. I will purchase a new set for the NEBDR as it will 12 hrs up to the trailhead and 22 hrs back on interstate for the nonBDR sections. I feel confident the tire will easily make the entire trip. This is a great set of tires if you are looking for 50/50 tires that can go the distance!

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