Skat~Trak Tires and Wheels

Skat~Trak Tires and Wheels

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  • Skat~Trak Extreme Grip Tire

    Skat~Trak Extreme Grip Tire

    BRIAN in OR

    Great Tire

    I use this on 2 quads one is low power & 1 is hi power & they work great on both.

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  • Skat~Trak Hauler Tire

    Skat~Trak Hauler Tire

    ron in KS

    Will use nothing but Skat Trak

    Still going strong after 7 years and 3 of them years they sat in shed, still had air in them. I was using them every weekend for 2 years then about 2 weekends a month, still going strong as loner tires for friends and people that want to try them. I went from 22x11x8 with 8pdl haulers to 11pdl haulers and 10 extreams on 2 bikes

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  • Skat~Trak Mohawk Tire

    Skat~Trak Mohawk Tire

    Exiquio in CA

    Nothing better than this tires

    Very nice to use this tires for any atv or dirt bike it’s my first time to buy this brand of tires and I recommend to buy for you

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  • Skat~Trak Edge Tire

    Skat~Trak Edge Tire

    Matthew in OR

    Great product!

    As usual, the best paddles out there. Always an excellent product. These make the turns a little easier, helps the bike rotate more.

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  • Skat~Trak Intimidator Paddle Tire

    Skat~Trak Intimidator Paddle Tire

    Jason in OR

    Good paddle

    If your hill climbing or dragging. this is the tire for you.. If you corner a lot, you will have to work a little harder than normal.

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  • Skat~Trak Glider Tire

    Skat~Trak Glider Tire

    Vanessa in OR

    Waste of money

    Put these on my son's Honda TRX 90 at the great recommendations of forums we had read in attempts to give him more traction on the sand. Made it 10 feet off the pavement and his quad just buried in the sand. These didn't do any better than his dirt tires and he still can't make it up the small hills to get off the beach. His friend has a 90 Arctic Cat and is successful with a set of larger paddle tires. Never been so disappointed in a set of tires as they seem too small and give him less clearance to bury faster now. Quite a bit of money down the drain and still have a disappointed kid who struggles to go places :(

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