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ATV Tires, Dirt Bike Tires, Motorcycle Tires, UTV Tires…A wide selection with the best prices

We carry a huge selection of dirt bike tires, ATV tires, Motorcycle tires, ATV tire and wheel packages, dirt bike tubes, street bike tires as well as ATV & dirt bike tire repair accessories. Look no further for excellent prices and in-stock selection on motorcycle tires and off-road tires in the major brands like: Dunlop dirt bike tires, Bridgestone dirt bike tires, Michelin dirt bike tires, Maxxis dirt bike tires and many more.

Rocky Mountain ATV/ has a complete selection of motorcycle tires for all types of riders, whether you cruise, tour, dirt bike, motocross or have a dual sport motorcycle. We know you need a specific type of tire with a tread pattern built for the terrain you’re riding on and we carry them all.

Need Dirt Bike Tires? We have a huge selection of Dunlop dirt bike tires, Michelin dirt bike tires and Bridgestone dirt bike tires...just to name a few. Make sure you get the exact dirt bike tire you need for the next motocross race or ride up the canyons. Our tire finder makes it easy to find the dirt bike tires you need for your Honda, Yamaha, KTM or Suzuki. Plus, you can narrow your search down even further by entering a price range that fits your budget.

We have ITP ATV tires at excellent prices with a great selection, Maxxis ATV tires in all of the popular models, Duro ATV tires and Kenda ATV tires at incredible prices, in stock and ready to ship. Choose from a variety of ATV tires specific to the terrain you ride on; whether its dirt, sand, mud or snow and get them sooner than expected because we stock every tire we sell. Tusk ATV wheels and Tusk dirt bike wheels are available as well to keep your budget in check. ITP ATV wheels and Douglas ATV wheels are sold separately or mounted at no charge when purchased in an ATV tire and wheel kit. For the highest quality tires at a price you can afford, there’s only one choice – Rocky Mountain ATV/

Latest Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire

    Pirelli MT 43 Pro Trials Tire

    Matt in WA

    Makes a tall bike taller

    I didn't think about aspect ratio when I got this for my WR 250R that was already too tall for me. It raised the seat another inch or two compared to the bald Goldentyre it replaced. Other than that, the traction and wear were pretty good for such a tight tread pattern.

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  • Michelin Anakee Wild Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Michelin Anakee Wild Rear Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

    Phil in PA

    awake wild tire

    bought 2 tires for trip to Tuk (arctic ocean) from Idaho this year. over 5000 miles round trip with 1700 miles of gravel roads too. hot days to start on blacktop and finishing on cold days. tire wore well and was still gripping at the end really well. I could have rode them back to pa. the front tire for sure was still 50% good.

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  • ITP Blackwater Evolution Radial Tire

    ITP Blackwater Evolution Radial Tire

    Brad in MD

    Love these things, not as much need for AWD, wear very well and tough 8 ply.

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  • Motoz Xtreme Hybrid Tire

    Motoz Xtreme Hybrid Tire

    Tim in AR

    Not up for dual sporting

    Tried it out on the rear of my plated XR400. Didn't last nearly as long as the shinko I ended up replacing it with and wasn't all that impressive in the dirt. It did okay on climbs but the total lack of braking traction erased any positives for me. Felt great on the road until the center wore down and then it felt horrible when cornering.

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  • Motoz Mountain Hybrid Front Tire

    Motoz Mountain Hybrid Front Tire

    Tim in AR

    Better than the rear for me

    Bought it because of the DOT rating and wanted to match the rear on my plated XR400. Knobby like traction off road and feels just fine to me on the pavement. Like most knobbies once it hits a certain wear point it starts to go pretty quick if you ride a lot of road.

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  • Shinko MX216 Series Tire

    Shinko MX216 Series Tire

    Jason in CA

    Good for the money

    Great tire for the money if you ride hard enduro. Good on rocks and lower speeds. I did 80 miles of hard enduro and the side knobs started to show some wear, not quite chunking, but close. Any tire gets eaten up in the rocks quickly, so I’m not concerned considering the price. I heard the Golden Tyre does not chunk the side knobs from another rider who was also running the Shinko.

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