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UTV Tires

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UTV Tires

UTV tires are about as varied as the machines themselves, so choosing a new set for your side-by-side can seem like quite the daunting task. Make it easier on yourself by shopping from our massive collection at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. With tires broken down by brand, size, terrain, ply rating, construction, and certification, our easy-to-use website makes it simple to narrow down the options until you find the tire you need.

The type of tire you need depends on the type of riding you’re doing. Are you rock crawling? Tearing through the dunes? Cruising through mountain trails? Wherever and however you ride, we have the tire for you.

An important element of UTV tires is their size. There are three numbers that indicate a UTV tire’s size. The first number represents height, the second represents width, and the third represents the rim diameter. There is room for customization in UTV tire size if you want your machine to be higher or wider, but it’s best to check your owner’s manual before making any drastic changes.

The tread pattern is another point to consider. Different types of tread handle better in different areas. For example, an aggressive tread pattern with deep lugs can bite loose terrain and keep you moving faster. The height and width and spacing of the lugs, as well as the specific design, are carefully developed to optimize the performance of UTV in varying terrains. Loose terrain like mud, snow, and sand respond well to deep, paddle-type lugs, while many tires designed for rocky terrain use a crisscross or zig-zag pattern to maximize grip. Look for the tread you think could handle the terrain you’re going to be riding on.

UTV tires also come in different ply ratings. Ply ratings indicate the tire’s strength – the higher the ply rating, the stronger the tire. Tires will come in 4-ply, 6-ply, 8-ply, and 10-ply ratings. UTVS typically require heavier ply tires as the machines are considerably heavier than ATVs, so a good rule to follow is: the more rigorous you’re riding, the higher ply your tire should be.

You will also want to be aware of the tire’s construction. Some side-by-side tires use a radial construction, others use a bias construction. The difference beteween the two is how the cords are laid inside the tire. In radial UTV tires, the cords are laid at a 90° angle, making the tires stiffer and more durable. Most DOT certified UTV tires are going to feature a radial construction as they are better suited for the road. Bias UTV tires are made from cords laying at 30° and 60° angles. This makes the tires more flexible for harder, rockier terrains, but also allows them to break down faster.

If you’re ready to pick up a set of new side-by-side tires, look no further than our large selection at With stock top brands like:

  • Tusk
  • GBC
  • Maxxis
  • Pro Armor
  • Skat-Trak
  • And more!
  • If you have questions on tires, need to check our stock, or want to place an order, don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service specialists or check our Tire Information page. You can also check out what Tire Offers we have going to make sure you get the best deal on your new rubber. Purchasing new tires has never been easier, and Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is the one-stop shop for all other UTV parts, accessories, and riding gear.

    Latest Tires Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

    • Tusk TriloBite® Tire

      Tusk TriloBite® Tire

      Lon in UT

      Good Tires

      New tires always improve your ride! These have been great, dependable tires.

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    • Tusk Mud Force® Tire

      Tusk Mud Force® Tire

      rick in OH

      Quality with a budget price

      Great value for the price. Handles well

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    • Maxxis Ceros Radial Tire

      Maxxis Ceros Radial Tire

      James in AZ

      Radial Tires

      These tires ride better than expected.They grip very well especially on rocks.

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    • ITP Mud Lite XTR Radial Tire

      ITP Mud Lite XTR Radial Tire

      DAVID in WV



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    • Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

      Sedona Rip-Saw R/T Radial Tire

      Michael in IN

      Overall good tire

      Rides really smooth and makes little to no noise on the road. And does extremely well in the mud

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    • Tusk Terrabite® Radial Tire

      Tusk Terrabite® Radial Tire

      Corbun in OK

      Honda Pioneer 700-4

      Had 2 flats on the same ride with the stock tires. Ordered 4 of these tires and 4 new itp steel rims. (Tires=27x9x12)(Rims=12x8 with a 5+2 offset). Got the tires in 2-3 days already mounted on rims. Swapped out the old tires. Loved the look of the ride with the new tires. Actual tire height is about 25-3/4 to 26. Not actual size of 27. Tires came with 10psi in them. Took a ride in some deep sand and quickly found out that these tires absolutely suck in sand! But, if you bring the psi down to around 6 or so, you will be fine moving around in it. I really like the truck tire look of these tires. These gave me a 1/2" to 1" lift.

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