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If you’re looking to increase performance on your machine or give it a facelift, new wheels are a great start. With the varying types, sizes, constructions, and colors we offer, you can’t go wrong with the impressive inventory at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

We have an extensive lineup of new UTV wheels, ATV wheels, and even complete dirt bike wheels. No matter whether you’re looking for a specific size, offset, brand, or color - we have plenty of options. If you want a classic, nondescript look, we have standard or steel wheels that will do the job. Want something flashy and bold – maybe some beadlock wheels? We have those available as well in several different finishes such as matte, silk-kote, and polished. Whatever your preference is, there’s no way you’re leaving our site empty-handed. The same goes for our selection of new motorcycle wheels. Get creative with rim, hub, and spoke colors to add a personal touch to your bike. And remember – for all machines – choosing new wheels can increase performance, make machines lighter, and change machine widths when you order the right size and style.

If you don’t know what size or style is going to cut it for you, give us a call, send us an email, or chat in online. We’re ready to help you start making a decision, give you the details between two favorites, or just assure you that the wheels you’ve already selected are going to look awesome on your machine.

Latest Wheels Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Warp 9 Complete Wheel Kit - Rear

    Will in PA

    Chinesium Rotor

    Ordered a complete rear for Beta 300rr. Nice looking wheel. Anodizing is a little thin, wears of easy. Came pretty close to perfect true, had to do some small adjustments. Would be 4-5 stats but the brake rotor is made of chinesium or something. Installed with new OEM brake pads and I have about 8-10 hours on it with no racing. The rotor is almost worn completely through, and the brake pads have little wear. Wish there was an option to get a galfer rotor or opt out and save money.

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  • Tusk Impact Rim - Rear

    garret in OR

    Decent for Price

    You definitely get what you pay for. It is priced well below other rims. The material is soft and mars when changing tires but that is not the end of the world. Have bought a couple and will continue to buy because of the price point. Only cracked one.

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  • Tusk Impact Complete Front and Rear Wheel

    Rob in NM


    Bought these for two reason, first off, I bought my yamaha used, and the previous owner had a serious vendetta against rims. The wheels that came with the bike were toast. Second reason is I wanted to put an 18" rear on an MX bike, because i'm that guy. I ride a 450 MX bike in technically single track and open desert in New Mexico. I feel that putting on an 18" rear allowed me to put a tire on that allowed me to get a larger contact patch in all conditions, I don't corner fast enough to complain about sidewall roll in high speed corners. I do know that these wheels changed the way this bike feels for the better. The tusk wheel set is priced very well, and if i didn't have these as an option i'm not sure i would have sprung for warp 9 or any other more expensive wheel sets. I've rocketed off quite a few rocks with these wheels and so far don't have any dings. They feel very well built, and look pretty to boot. The only down side i see with this wheel set (not that it changes my mind on them) is they seem to be heavier than other more expensive wheel sets, and since i spoon on my own wheels I never got to ride on this wheel set while they were not scratched (probably operator error and less downside on the build quality) But the paint did seem to scratch easily. Other than those small complaints, these wheels are pretty awesome. I'll have to report later on the quality of the bearings as i do not have nearly enough hours on them to say anything.

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  • Tusk Beartooth Wheel

    Sean in VT

    Great deal, nice rims

    Rims are great, look good, mounted up easy, great price, barely more expensive than stock steel wheels. They mounted Tusk Mudforce tires on them and shipped them for free and took under a week to get here. Their tire/wheel package configured was awesome to use. Awesome deal. Great company.

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  • MSA M40 Rogue Wheel

    Eric in CO

    Can’t beat MSA

    AWESOME wheels. Look amazing. Great with tusk tires.

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  • Tusk Teton Beadlock Wheel

    Curtis in CA

    Great for price

    Good run over all. Looks clean on my turbo. Valve stem location isn’t the best and beadlock bolts are rusting.

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