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  • Tusk Clutch Kit With Heavy Duty Springs

    Tusk Clutch Kit With Heavy Duty Springs

    Paul in AR


    This is a great deal on a clutch kit. The metal plates are made of steel and are worth the purchase price alone. The fiber plates are not Hinson quality, but comparable to most name brands. If you are a clutch abuser it might not hold up for a full season, but then most of the high end clutches will not either.

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  • Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Tusk Fork Seal Driver

    Paul in AR

    Great tool

    This is a very well built and designed tool. Makes the job very easy. I have two of these for different size forks. Purchased the first one a year ago and was very pleased. So, when I needed a different size for another job I purchased the second. Definitely a professional grade tool.

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  • Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing

    Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing

    Paul in AR

    Love it

    I race several different vintage bikes and am going to put one of these on every single bike. Helps with arm pump and it is amazing how much extra throttle feel you have in the technical stuff. Very well made product.

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  • Tusk L.E.D. TailLight/Brake Light Under Fender

    Tusk L.E.D. TailLight/Brake Light Under Fender

    Dan in PA

    Great stock replacement

    These bikes should come with something about this size from the factory. Much better compact profile that is still plenty visible to cars for road riding. I was able to mount my license plate under the light (used an old plate as a bracket), and some low profile turn signals on the side (Tusk Mini Flush Mount L.E.D.) You will need some tools and you will have to drill some holes. If you have half a brain you can figure it out. You will need to know which color wire on your bike is supposed to match up to the tusk light. I had to guess a little and ended up blowing a fuse. Was a simple switch of the wires and new fuse and it works great. Has held up well after a season and even a couple spills in the woods. No damage so far. It doesn't stick out so it doesn't get broke off. I recommend! --2018 HUSQVARNA FE 501--

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  • Tusk Cartridge Rod Holding Tool

    Tusk Cartridge Rod Holding Tool

    Paul in AR

    A must have tool for modern forks

    A simple good quality tool. I had made a tool to do this in the past, but it wandered off. I purchased this one instead of making another and was very satisfied. A good value.

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  • Tusk UTV Fire Extinguisher Kit

    Tusk UTV Fire Extinguisher Kit

    Paul in FL

    Great product, would recommend.

    Another great product by tusk. Easy to install. The kit has everything. Extinguisher sits tight and secure to frame. Quick-release works great.

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