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  • AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

    Terry in MN

    A lot of bang for the buck!

    Very good and functional helmet. Most helmets are tight on my forehead (oval head) but this is very comfortable. The sun visor is nice to have. Room for earplugs/earbuds. Snug on the cheekbones but not annoying. Field of view is good. The optics is also very good. My only complaint is the distortion thru the lens looking down at the speedo/gps, the curves cause some distortion, learned to just tip head down a bit to view clearly. Weight is acceptable. Sound is also acceptable. Ventilation is very good and the lens doesn't fog excessively. Would like to have a larger chin curtain for cold weather.

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  • AFX FX-41 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Shield

    TJ in OR


    Perfect fit, of course. Was so clear when I put it on that it seemed invisible. Was a nice change from the original visor which had been dropped/scratched

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