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Tusk Recon Hybrid Tire

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Latest Tires and Wheels Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 (Tubeless) Tire System

    Leon in WA

    More Traction!

    More traction! A little bit of a pain to install but isn't too bad. You can run really low tire pressure and get lots more traction out of your tires! Be sure to buy high pressure pump to have on hand and check pressure before every ride, the bladder loses pressure in between rides. You now can plug the tires instead of patching the tube that was there before, quicker and easier to get riding!

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  • Tusk Impact Complete Front and Rear Wheel

    Chauncey in OR

    Great wheels

    I love this wheel set! It makes it so easy to switch between street and dirt. These are great quality wheels.

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  • Bridgestone Battlecross X40 Hard Terrain Tire

    Michael in KS

    Battle cross X40

    This tire is very aggressive looking and works just as well. Also, the fast delivery is greatly appreciated.

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  • Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater Tire

    Leon in WA


    Great tire, Great traction, Great Price. I've run this tire on my WR450, FE350 and TE 300. Wears quickly on hard rock single track but doesn't chunk.

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  • Tusk Dsport® Adventure Tire

    Shaun in WV

    Tiny tire for 120 size, terrible grip, waste of mon...

    Rmatv said get a 120/90/18 for my 07 DRZ 400S, which I had no reason to doubt as I have been using 120 sized rear tires the entire time I owned my DRZ 400 (11 years) and this 120 sized Tusk D Sport is tiny and way too small for my DRZ 400S. I have a built engine, and actually ride my DRZ and I cant even turn throttle past 50% on gravel hard pack before this tire just starts spinning wildly. I have to use one gear taller just to prevent it from going crazy spinning. DRZ the 130 size tire. For me I will never buy another Tusk D Sport tire for my DRZ. I highly doubt rocky mountain will even post this review, as they only allow a few negative reviews on an item to "seem legit" then they just disregard any negative reviews.....Thats why I quit reviewing the good stuff I buy from them. If you cant post all reviews good (most of my reviews are 4-5 stars) AND bad, well I just wont bother reviewing anything..

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  • Bridgestone M59 Soft Terrain Tire

    chad in MI

    Good for a medium soil.

    It’s ok. Not a bad tire. Knobs are kind of short compared to other soft/ intermediate tires. I like it for a medium soil terrain. Did not like it as much in sand. Not a good tire for mud. Felt like it did not clean out. Seem to plow into sand instead of riding on it. I think it runs a little bit narrow. Never washed.

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Dirt Bike Tires and Wheels

Get the most out of your dirt bike with a new set of tires and wheels. Few things impact the way your ride feels more, and they’ve got to perform to your expectations. That’s why you’ll only find the best selection on our site.

Dirt bikes are designed for a variety of terrains – loamy motocross tracks, hard-packed mountain trails, perfectly carved dunes and more. However, if you’re not running specialty tires designed for the kind of riding you do, you’re simply not getting the most out of your machine. Why not pick up a new set of dirt bike tires and truly reach the maximum level of enjoyment that your motorcycle can offer?

At Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, we’ve done everything we can to make finding the right tires for you as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve categorized our tires by both terrain type and brand. And speaking of brands, you’re sure to find the biggest names in the industry here on our site. Here are just a few you’ll probably recognize:

  • Dunlop
  • Maxxis
  • Kenda
  • Duro
  • Sedona
  • And many more

To get started, just take a look at our page dedicated to dirt bike tires. Of course, tires are just one side of the coin – you’ve also got to consider your wheels! Fortunately, tires and wheels are interchangeable, so you can reuse your old rims if you need to. Or if your rubber is still in good shape, you can reuse your tires if you’re in need of new wheels. We’ve got full wheel kits in all major sizes for dirt bikes. Many of them won’t just keep your motorcycle rolling, they’ll also turn heads at the track with their flashy style. But if you just need a few replacement parts – spokes, wheel bearings, rim locks, hubs or even just the rims themselves – you’ll find them here as well.

If you’re just looking for dirt bike tire tubes, tools or accessories, you’ll find them here as well. We’ve set ourselves up to be the best one-stop shop for all your dirt bike needs – and tires and wheels are at the top of our list! So whatever it is you need, take a moment to browse our extensive selection. You won’t be disappointed by our offerings.

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