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  • Tuff Jug Utility Jug Replacement Ripper Spout

    Tuff Jug Utility Jug Replacement Ripper Spout

    Michael in NM

    It works, IF you do this .....

    I recently got one of these Ripper Spouts for my gas can and when I went to fill up my bike for the first time, fuel leaked like crazy from this spout. When I examined the gasket / o-ring it came with, it was flat and very loosely fitted. I mean, that’s the way it comes. It wasn’t in wrong. Then I got the idea that I needed more of a genuine O-ring. Between that, and the notion finally hit me that I’m using this Tuff Jug spout on my VP Racing gas can, I thought that was probably the reason it leaked so badly. The Ripper Spout threaded on just fine, but I guess the tolerances were such that this spout is NOT interchangeable between the two fuel cells. So, off to HD and after purchasing a variety pack of O-rings, they didn’t have the 3” alone for sale, I installed this O-ring in the Ripper Spout and that really seemed to do the trick for me. It did not leak. I was impressed at how fast it fills the tank on my bikes. And VERY pleased when I lifted it out of the bike, I didn’t get the usual gasoline bath. Ultimately, I wish it would have worked without me having to purchase another $5 worth of O-rings, but in the end, I’m happy with it.

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  • Tusk Pannier Racks

    Tusk Pannier Racks

    Jon in TX

    Exceptional quality and value.

    The racks were pretty straight forward on installation. They were surprisingly stronger than I expected. I left off the rear number bar for now and have not noticed any flexing in the rack but I do have the top plate and bracket. Great product so far. I did not see that the mounting brackets were included but was pleasantly surprised that they were.

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  • Tusk SubZero Snow Plow Kit, Winch Equipped UTV, 72" Blade

    Tusk SubZero Snow Plow Kit, Winch Equipped UTV, 72" Blade

    Lance in CO

    Very nice blade

    Plow kit is very well made and fairly easy to install. I use it on a razor 900 trail and it works great. We get alot of snow a d my driveway is long, the 72" blade is perfect for our dry snow.

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  • FMF Mini Power Core IV System

    FMF Mini Power Core IV System

    BILL in ID

    FMF products are always top notch.

    FMF products are always top notch and this little pipe with spark arrestor is no exception. Easy to install and fits perfectly.

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  • Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS/Computer

    Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS/Computer

    Zach in IA

    Performs as advertised

    I purchased one of these in August to go on a dual sport trip in Colorado with a buddy. We both purchased them and used the buddy tracking. The bluetooth was a little confusing to get setup and the first firmware versions seemed to disconnect quite a few times. Once it all worked it worked really well. We use it with Sena 10R headsets. It was typically just over a mile before it would lose communication with the buddy system. One thing I would like to see them change in the firmware is the buddy problem indicator. It only shows up on the screen as a red icon. I would like to see it configurable to use the two led indicators that are used for temperature warnings at the top of the display. They are much more noticeable. I did have the display freeze once where it didn't respond to touch or any buttons. I preordered mine directly from Trailtech so it could have been something with the initial firmware. If this happens to you on the trail just hold all of the buttons at the same time and it will force a reset. Any GPX editor can be used to customize trails. If you know where you are going just pre-download all of the maps for that system ahead of time. Caltopo is my favorite. Go out, get lost, and the next time you look down a foreign path just go for it. The coolest things are found by accident. So the next time someone says do you want to try to go down that? Just reply "Yes Man" like Jim Carry

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  • IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    Matthew in PA

    Foot pegs that work.

    Great upgrade from the very skinny stock ones. They don’t fold up out of the way as high as the stock ones did. I’m sure you can grind down the backs a hair to get them higher so they don’t hit frame and prevent that. All and all major difference when standing and foot feelt planted and secure. I find myself standing more on them like a trials bike.

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Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

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