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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank

    Acerbis Fuel Tank

    John in KY

    Solid tank.

    Just put the tank on today. I went with the 3.1 gallon size. Looks awesome and holds a ton of fuel, comfortable when riding. Electronics seem to fit well, but the stock plastic on my KTM needed some rigging. The only ding I have it is fitment, and even then it's not bad.

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  • IMS Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    IMS Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    max in PA

    6.6 Gallon IMS on '07 KLR650

    Based on the recommendation of a friend I installed the 6.6 gallon IMS tank on my 2007 KLR 650. Installation was fairly easy, but the final fit and finish were not exactly the best. The interior of the tank was lined with brass shavings. I'm assuming these are formed during the machining of the threaded brass inserts that accept the front mounting brackets. One would think that IMS would go the extra step to wash each tank out before shipping. If you are going to install this tank you may want to give the interior a rinse with soapy water the night before doing so. The front mounting brackets are too short. I had to bend three of them to get them to fit. The fourth (bottom of the radiator) bracket was so far off as to be useless. I fabricated a replacement bracket out of .125" flat bar to replace that one. I plan on doing the same to the other three. Seriously, it's laughable how lame they are, especially when considering their role in keeping your tank secure. The last fitment issue I ran into was getting the tank to sit far enough forward so as not to push my seat and side plastic back. The scalloped areas that accept the rubber gas tank grommets could stand to be a tad bigger. Anytime I'm reinstalling the tank I have to wrestle with it to get the two bolts that mount to the frame to line up with their corresponding threaded holes. Likewise, my side plastics are pushed/bowed into shape to get them to line up with their mounting holes. As for the good; I recently pitched my bike over onto the left side while attempting a hill climb. The hill had two different pitches running alongside one another. I was on the steeper side but my bike fell to the lesser side, meaning it fell an additional 16" or so below the height of the ground I was riding on. It was a low speed fall from a decent height. The IMS tank did a great job of protecting my radiator. Only thing that happened was my radiator fan shroud was bent inwards. Radiator itself was fine. I don't believe this would have been the case with the stock tank. Most importantly, i can ride roughly 250 miles (+/- 10 miles) before having to fill up. A full tank does add a significant amount of weight, but the KLR is already a pig so... All in all, this was a solid purchase that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone with a KLR. The added mileage plus radiator protection far outweigh the fit and finish issues. If you are good at problem solving and handy with tools (and if you're riding a KLR I'm assuming you are) then the front brackets are simple to address. Best of all, the tank looks awesome on the bike.

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  • Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap, Clarke Fuel Tanks

    Tusk Billet Aluminum Gas Cap, Clarke Fuel Tanks

    Frank in NV

    Clarke aftermaket gas tank cap

    Very well made. Cap threads match older tank. Seals with no leaks. Adds some bling to an older workhorse!

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  • Free Flo No Slop Gas Cap Vent Hose

    Free Flo No Slop Gas Cap Vent Hose

    Landon in ID

    Works and is cheap

    Get one. Works better than stocks and looks nice too

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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Acerbis Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Keith in ID

    XR650L 5.8 gallon Acerbis tank

    Read online reviews before you order. The instructions are difficult to understand, and the tank requires some effort to get fitted. If you accept those two things, this is a great product. On my XR650L I used a air heat gun on the underside of the tank and in the top opening to heat up the tank. With that extra heat, I muscled the tank into place. Expect to put it on and pull it off a half dozen times. Each time it gets a little easier. Front turn signals will bump this bank, but they turn signals can be moved higher in the clamps if you desire. I did purchase a brass "Y" fuel fitting to replace the plastic one in the kit. Been hundreds of miles, no problems. Loving the added range.

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  • Clarke Fuel Tank

    Clarke Fuel Tank

    Michael in CA

    Fits great, easy install

    One thing to note, the gasket they send to go between OE petcock and fitting spreads out and will cause a leak. I bought some extra nitrile rubber and made my own gasket--now it works. Cheapest price online for a 3.8 gallon tank for YZ250

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