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Protective Gear

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Motocross Protective Gear Guide | 2021

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Protective Gear

Jerseys, jackets, pants, and boots – they all provide protection on your ride, but did you know there is still more you can do to avoid serious injury? Protective gear is a great addition to every riding ensemble, greatly enhancing your safety and security.

When it comes to protective gear, there are a lot of options. A great thing about the additional security is that it applies to a wide variety of activities. So, if you indulge in more than one type of riding, you can utilize some of the same gear – protection is protection. With base-layer shorts and shirts, body armor, protection jackets, and vests, you can pick the most comfortable and effective method for you personally. Another great benefit of protective gear is that most parts can be easily replaced. We stock and ship several brands of knee/elbow reinforcers, hip protectors, elbow armor, etc., so browse our collection if you’re ever looking to update your gear. The simple, extra layer could make all the difference in an accident.

Staying safe on your ride is all about being prepared, so take some time today to get familiar with our selection of protective gear. Reliable and durable, any new gear you order from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will have you feeling comfortable and secure, ready to handle the unexpected twists and turns of your ride.

Latest Protective Gear Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • EVS WB01 Wrist Brace

    Wayne in CA

    OK, but not as protective

    I sprained my right wrist from a spill on my KTM 250xc and it took a long time to heal, so I decided it was time to get some extra protection for it. Overall, this is fine and inexpensive, but 1) it's not very comfortable. It uses hollow rods to prevent your wrist from overextending, and I can feel those rods on the back of my hand each time I wear this, and 2) it *still* doesn't feel that protective despite the comfort issues, as I feel like you can still easily overextend your wrist. I also tried the Troy Lee 5205 wrist band and it's much better. A little bit pricier but more comfortable and keeps your wrist straighter because you wear it like a glove. Definitely would recommend that over the EVS; I wear the Troy Lee every time I ride now.

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  • Troy Lee 7850 Hot Weather Shirt

    Steen in UT

    Solid rib protection

    Fits great and offers the protection I want over my ribcage while not being too bulky. Wouldn't do much if you crashed on pavement and might not hold up well in a high speed crash, but for the kind of riding I do (mostly woods riding) it's perfect. Really comfortable, although I might have gotten the long sleeve instead as these don't get too hot for me.

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  • Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Protector

    Tim in NY

    Works well -- decent protection and weight

    My philosophy to riding gear is that more is better. I don't have much time to ride, so I like to be able to get up from spills and keep riding and not be wiped for the day -- this helps with that. In summer I tend to just wear this alone (unless I'm riding where there is brush or stuff that will tug at it, then I put a super light jersey over it) I do wish the shoulder protection wrapped more around the front, but that's about my only complaint. I don't notice it while riding, no irritations. I don't think I get too warm in it either.

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  • Leatt 5.5 Body Protector

    Richard in IA

    Saved me from injury!

    This has absolutely saved me. I crashed my quad in a race and was landed on by my quad. Between this, my neckbrace, and helmet I had ZERO injuries. Not even a bruise. It is a little bulky, but if you want the absolute best in safety, get it. I think the price is a little high, but I still got it, but an ambulance is more expensive.

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  • Troy Lee 7855 Protective Long Sleeve Shirt

    Jason in CA

    Cool and light! Best option out there.

    Best integrated Chest/Arm protection out there. Easy to put on and take off. I have a bad shoulder and was able to do it one handed when it was really acting up. It is super light. And it is not hot at all. Had a Leatt 5.5 Body Protector and that thing was a FURNACE. It was heavy, not very comfortable, the pads moved all over. Got rid of it and bought this. As soon as you start moving you immediately feel the air moving through it. I've taken some pretty good impacts from downed tree and branches it soaks it up great.

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  • O'Neal Racing Youth Underdog II Roost Deflector

    mike in CA

    Great for kids

    Great fit for my 7 year old. He loves wearing it. It provides excellent protection for little ones.

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