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Knee Braces

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Best Motocross Knee Braces | 2021

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Knee Braces from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Knee Braces provide knee support and protection during those long races or trail rides.

Latest Knee Braces Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Leatt Knee Brace Sleeve

    Jason in CA

    Nice comfortable product the cuffs could be sized a...

    Nice product but these are sized a bit small girth wise. They are extra long intentionally as there is a grippy cuff at both ends intended to be rolled over the top and bottom of your brace. This is where the sizing becomes a problem. Unless you have an extremely thin not bulky knee brace you may have difficulty rolling these over the top and bottom of the brace. I'm a size large. Mine fit my body well but the cuffs will not stretch enough to roll over the outside of my braces so I just rolled the cuff up or doubled it over under the brace and they actually seem to do a good job of keeping the brace in place like this.

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  • Mobius X8 Knee Brace

    Gregory in CA

    Switching from EVS and never looking back

    I've had the EVS axis pro for 5 years. It's comparatively priced to the Mobius. There isn't one thing I like better about the EVS. Fit and form, Mobius by a mile. Mobius is easier to put on and feels more secure, it's about 1/2 pound lighter too. After 8 hours plus of wearing it, it's easy to forget it's on. Not so with the EVS. It's about 1/2? less in diameter and because the knee pocket is covered, it slide into the pants easier and doesn't bind or snag when you reposition your leg. Since it doesn't have the bulky hinge, it's much smoother sliding and gripping against the tank and seat. Having one less strap to cinch is another bonus because rear tendon strap is pure genius.

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  • Pod MX Knee Brace Replacement Hinge Set Ligament


    Excellent products long lasting

    Only one ligament per pack FYI if you need 2 Braces are 4 years old first time replacing this ligament

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  • Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Brace Left

    Braden in UT

    Very uncomfortable, do not recommend

    not good. extremely poor fit. unridable. between the poor fit, excessive knee rotation, ridiculous hamstring pinch, i would not recommend these to anyone. save your money, buy another brace. i followed their sizing guide, watched their install videos, even reached out to Leatt customer service. they're just a bad fit. either the product is trash, or i have weird shaped legs. either is possible. if anyone needs a pair of XL braces, i'll sell them cheap! i'd love to return these but i'm likely outside the return window at this point.

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  • Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Brace Pair

    Braden in UT

    very poor fit

    fit and finish of the product is fantastic, they look great. but fit like garbage. i followed their fitment guide, watched all of Leatt's adjustment videos, and they're awful to wear. knee pad sticks way out in front of the knee and just bends the plastic on the side of the knee guard with pants on, that will eventually break for sure. lots of hamstring pinching. when i first got these i went out for a ride and turned back after a 1/4 mile to remove them because i just could not ride in them. recently i re injured my knee and dusted these off for another chance, nope, still not good. maybe they're trash, maybe i have weird shaped legs. i don't know. i'd love to return these but its likely been too long. if anyone wants an XL pair, let me know! i'll make you a killer deal.

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  • Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Pair

    ALLAN in CO

    Flawed, velcro issues

    I bought a pair of these braces a little over a year and a half ago. Initially I liked the braces, but soon realized a couple flaws. The Velcro straps catch on the inside of your pants when putting them on, and the Velcro itself where's out quickly and loses the ability to hold. I've replaced the straps twice now.

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