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Knee Braces

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Best Motocross Knee Braces | 2021

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Knee Braces from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Knee Braces provide knee support and protection during those long races or trail rides.

Latest Knee Braces Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Pod MX K4 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

    Nicolas in BC

    Best bang-for-buck knee braces

    Great pair of braces for the price. Before these I've had Asterisk (older model from 10 years ago), Leatt C-frame and EVS Web Pro (older model as well). The main thing about these braces is how light they are; this is one of their major advantages imo. The box they come in claims they can be used for any outdoor sport like cycling, skiing, etc etc and I can see why. You don't really notice them once they are on. I've had a few crashes now with these and I'm very happy with them; they have protected me from impacts very well. I have also had my legs flying around quite a bit in the trails and so far they have saved me from twisting my knee in any bad way. My only issue with mine is that one of the inner pads doesn't hold on to the velcro very well, so sometimes when I pack it in my gear bag it comes off. It has never come off during a ride though which is good. Otherwise great braces, so happy with them I even bought a pair for my brother.

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  • Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Right

    Raymond in SC

    Love em

    Awesome product and definitely worth the money. I was also able to buy with my insurance

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  • Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Pair

    Raymond in SC

    Love Em

    Great product and worth the money. I was also able to purchase with my medical insurance allowance card

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell 3.0 Knee Brace Pair

    Brett in CA

    Great braces

    New to braces, hard enduro rider. Got these largely because of the knee cup design and ability to align to your leg. First time I put them on I hardly noticed them when riding. Hiking and kneeling with them on the trail is just fine. No chaffing on the back of my leg from the straps. Though they seem bulky, I don't feel their weight, and they don't make my legs hot. The knee cap design is awesome; demolishes bushes and gives you confidence to fall on rocks. Drawbacks: shin can get a LITTLE tender from the bottom portion of the brace after a long ride day, only notice it when off the bike. I also wish I could get the lockout closer to 0 degrees / fully extended (they come with a little bend at the lowest lockout setting). Adjusting the lockout isn't as efficient as some other brands (adjust inside and outside of knee on each brace). 6 rides in I'm a happy rider and would recommend these!

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  • Asterisk Carbon Cell 1 Knee Brace Pair

    Jonan in CO

    No user info

    Initial impression is somewhat underwhelming, quality of the braces seem great. I haven't ridden in them yet. they came with no markings as to witch brace goes on witch leg or any sort of user information. For the price point, that was more then a bit disappointing. This is my first set of braces, maybe they expect me to know how they work? they do seem to fit very well, true to size from what I can tell.

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  • Mobius X8 Knee Brace

    Byron in CA

    This seems to be a very good knee brace

    Very good fit. my only complaint is the outside is quite bulky.

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