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Best Motocross Knee Braces | 2020

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Dirt Bike Knee Braces

Knee Braces provide knee support and protection during those long races or trail rides.

Latest Knee Braces Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Review for Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Pair

    Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Pair

    Bundaschlagen in AZ

    These Couldn't Be More PERFECT!!!!

    I Bought These to Play "Moto-Cross" w/ My 2019 KTM 250SX I'm About to Turn 58 Next Month, So I Should Know Better, But I Don't!!! I've Broken a LOT of Bones, So I was Thinking TIME for Some Protection!!!! These Do The TRICK.....For My Knees Anyway!!!!

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  • Review for EVS RS9 Knee Brace Right

    EVS RS9 Knee Brace Right

    Laurence in NM

    EVS RS9 Knee Brace great buy.

    I've been riding for about 40 years and never rode with knee braces until now. These RS9s seem to be well constructed. They took a few rides to figure out how to fit them properly. But now I don't know how I could have ridden without them. I haven't had any any hard crashes with them yet so I can't say how much protection they offer, but they have an amazing stabilizing effect on your knees. I ride a lot of deep sand whoops here and I'm taking them a gear higher and much more aggressively now. I have about a half dozen rides on these now and they still look new.

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  • Review for Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Left

    Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace Left

    Robert in FL

    Great Knee Brace

    Once I started riding, it almost seemed to disappear for the rest of the day. Even between rides, I didn't notice it was on. I would buy this again

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  • Review for Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Brace Pair

    Leatt C-Frame Pro Carbon Knee Brace Pair

    Matthew R in CA

    Best bike feel ever! (extended review)

    This review applies to skinny-legged, bony kneed mx riders... I ride trail and track, not a racer but like to go fast enough that I should be wearing all the right gear. Tried all kinds of other braces, could never get a good grip on the bike with the inner hinge on my bony knees. They would either twist around on me or the straps would be too tight to bend my knees... if you have skinny long legs than you know what I mean... so I just go back to the ol' trusty neoprene with plastic knee cups... which are really no more effective than sucking my thumb and holding my blankie tight. Stupid. The Leatt C Frame looks like they were part of some sci-fi exoskeleton movie prop, so I bought them of course!! But make no mistake, these are made for motocross! take your time and get the fit right. get help if you need to, but they are a high performance, precision instrument and they have to be "tuned" perfectly to get the most out of them. If they are a centimeter too low or too high, you won't like them and will end up writing a lousy review. (note: I can't speak for the thick legged people though) They support my knees and follow their movement so well that it feels like they are forcing me into better riding form. That might sound dumb, but all those leg muscles are suddenly way more sore at the end of the day (the good sore that comes from pushing yourself into full range and good form) and my riding has instantly improved... I'm able to grip the bike a little more with the added support, I'm getting lower in turns, and over all just hanging it out there a little more with the added confidence that I'm not gonna just blow my knee out so easily, I have some damn good braces on! If your worried about bulk, they only LOOK bulky. they stick out further on the sides than other braces but they are not in the way anywhere. Once you get the right fit, you literally forget you have them on (unless you look down at them, but who cares, it's better than looking down at a leg frame with a buncha steel rods sticking out of your knee!) The knee cups stick out far without the pants on but they are flexible and the pants kind of keep them down. I see no problems with it my knee caps feel totally caged in and protected. The straps are thin but they reduce bulk. Their placement eliminates the need for any more padding. I can't imaging a strap failing but be careful with the plastic clips. The padding is thin, but placed perfectly and designed to allow bloodflow beneath them even when cinched down really tight. Thee braces have to be strapped on tight, but you don't notice it and I had no blood circ problems in my legs. They don't seem to stay in place as well with the combo knee brace socks. or shorter brace sleeves Stick with the Leatt provided knee socks and follow the instructions on folding them over. Somehow that is an integral part of the system. The cons: the allen screw heads are all a little stripped from the factory, might be time to retool the line, but whatever, I'll have them send me new ones later. The hinge gears were not cleaned up very well during production. some have formed small metal burrs on the gear teeth which interrupt the smooth action, (clicks when straightening out). This would normally piss me off, but I love these things so much that I just decided to fix the problem. I took the hinges completely apart, sanded the gear teeth nice and smooth, coated with a thin film of marine grease and now they work perfectly! Overall impression: With better bike feel than any other brace, better knee protection, better riding form support and the confidence that Leatt is backing my knees with millions of $$ in medical science and years of industry experience in protective gear... I won't ride without them. Buy these if you have bony knees and can't hang on with hinged braces, or just want a highly protective brace without giving up bike feeling.

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  • Review for Pod MX K4 2.0 Knee Brace Left

    Pod MX K4 2.0 Knee Brace Left

    quinton in CA

    Pod Mx k4 2.0

    This brace holds my knee nice and tight without making me feel like my leg is going to fall off. It’s small enough to still feel the bike and get good grip but covers just enough to have basically whole leg protection. I only bought the left last time and I can feel the difference after a day of riding when my other knee is sore but the brace On my left feels amazing. I will say they tend to run a little small I’m 6’2 200 lbs with bigger thighs and the large is towards the end on the tightening straps. Otherwise 10/10

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  • Review for Pod MX K4 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

    Pod MX K4 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

    jake in PA

    Why didn’t I buy sooner ?!

    I’ve been skeptical about knee braces for years.... finally broke down and bought a pair... wow what a difference. They do take some getting used to but pair these with the pod Mx socks and you will not be disappointed. They definitely help with support my knees used to hurt after riding all day now they don’t. With the pod Mx knee socks they don’t move at all I am very satisfied with this product although being a bit pricey but well worth it I would recommend to anyone !

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