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  • Scosche Rockstar Edition On-Ear Headphones with Swivel Earcups

    Scosche Rockstar Edition On-Ear Headphones with Swivel Earcups

    Cassandra in CA


    Ive Been looking for a pair of headphones and I was Browsing and came across these which I love Rockstar and I had To buy them I just Reiceved them in the mail today and absolutely love them super comfortable great sound and definitely recommended to anyone looking for durible headphones

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  • Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 Wireless Earbuds

    Skullcandy Ink'd 2.0 Wireless Earbuds

    JEFF in WA

    Work perfectly under my helmet for riding! Not only in my RZR but also on my sled.

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  • Skullcandy Riff On-The-Ear Headphones

    Skullcandy Riff On-The-Ear Headphones

    Randy in AL

    Not Wireless

    Wired headphones. The three star rating is because the picture seems to show wireless headphones. I knew the price was low, but without a product model number I couldn't tell.

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  • Skullcandy Method In-The-Ear Wireless Earbuds

    Skullcandy Method In-The-Ear Wireless Earbuds

    David in TX

    I like them

    I am satisfied with the earbuds, good volume, battery last days, light weight, dont bother my inner ear... good things about Now in the other hand, I don't like that it can be to far from the phone, coverage range is not a lot... only negative thing I have to say.

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  • Plugfones Guardian Earbud Earphones

    Plugfones Guardian Earbud Earphones

    DIRK in UT

    I got suckered in

    Hey motofans, @Dirkbike here. I was looking for some 'noise cancelling' headphones for my dual sport/adventure touring rides and figured, hey I'll bet the place that I spend thousands at every year on gear, probably has something catered specifically to us moto riders. Sure enough, the Plugfones - I was instantly sold. An earplug combined with a headphone? What a good idea I had thought. Fast forward a couple days later, I get them, tear open the packaging, find a cool little case, some ok packaging, and immediately throw them in my ear, and turn on some music to drown out the world around me. Well... Not so fast. The pre-installed foam ear pieces get compressed and smashed, limiting the volume produced by the headphone, and not to mention do not stay in your ear, even after an ear wax cleaning. No big deal, the spare ones look better anyways I think and look more like my gun shooting ear plugs. Perfect, there's hope! I install those, put them in my ear, they stay in, don't drown out the noise like I was anticipating but what the heck, lets go for a ride. I fire the KLR 650 up, with it's stock exhaust that is ever so quiet, and find out I need to turn up the volume significantly. I'm still hopeful, hop on the bike, and go for a ride. At anything above 35mph I'd have to have them so loud to comfortably hear it would cause hearing damage to my sensative ears (ear problem after ear problem when i was a child), and the quality of sound is similar to those free headphones they hand out on airplane flights. These are a good idea, that's poorly executed. I would not recommend these, for anything. Go to your local gas station, spend $5 on the disposable headphones, and you have something just as good. Really. I'd love to endorse these, but they aren't even with the $25 price tag. I can't remember the last time I was this let down by a product. Needless to say, I ponied up, went to best buy, spent $75 on some JLAB noise cancelling headphones, and am the happiest man alive.

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  • Skullcandy Ink'd 2 Earbuds with Mic

    Skullcandy Ink'd 2 Earbuds with Mic

    kevin in GA

    no tangles

    great sound. and best of all... no tangles due to flat cord

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