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Protective Gear

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Protective Gear

Jerseys, jackets, pants, and boots – they all provide protection on your ride, but did you know there is still more you can do to avoid serious injury? Protective gear is a great addition to every riding ensemble, greatly enhancing your safety and security.

When it comes to protective gear, there are a lot of options. A great thing about the additional security is that it applies to a wide variety of activities. So, if you indulge in more than one type of riding, you can utilize some of the same gear – protection is protection. With base-layer shorts and shirts, body armor, protection jackets, and vests, you can pick the most comfortable and effective method for you personally. Another great benefit of protective gear is that most parts can be easily replaced. We stock and ship several brands of knee/elbow reinforcers, hip protectors, elbow armor, etc., so browse our collection if you’re ever looking to update your gear. The simple, extra layer could make all the difference in an accident.

Staying safe on your ride is all about being prepared, so take some time today to get familiar with our selection of protective gear. Reliable and durable, any new gear you order from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will have you feeling comfortable and secure, ready to handle the unexpected twists and turns of your ride.

Latest Protective Gear Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Thor Sentry XP Body Armor

    Thor Sentry XP Body Armor

    ben in UT


    This is my second Thor Impact Rig. My first one saved me from some serious injuries. Still breaking this one in

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  • EVS WB01 Wrist Brace

    EVS WB01 Wrist Brace

    greg in WA

    Made well .. not sure what I expected but they do offer some stability to your wrists.

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  • MSR Hip Pads

    MSR Hip Pads

    Gerry in CA

    Nice replacement from original

    Ripped my original by accident! Glad i could find a replacement set

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  • Troy Lee 5205 Wrist Support - Left

    Troy Lee 5205 Wrist Support - Left

    Anthony in Northland

    Wrist brace

    This brace fits awesomely and I can use it on and off the bike. Fits over my gloves and my wrist does not hurt as much when I am using it.

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  • Troy Lee 7855 Protective Long Sleeve Shirt

    Troy Lee 7855 Protective Long Sleeve Shirt

    monique in MT

    Best upper body protection

    I was wearing a leatt 5.5 chest protector. It was good, but a bit heavy and I would sometimes bruise at the edges of the pads. This one is much better protection for crashing to the ground. I've tested it highsiding several times onto rocks and most recently ragdolling down a gravel road. There was no damage to my body not even a bruise. I would highly recommend it for trail riding. good: comfortable and light. I'm a woman with a big chest and wear a mens M. This is true to size. The protection is amazing. I really like that my elbow guards don't slide down anymore. bad: its a little hot but there are holes in the pads for airflow. Its also a wresting match to get out of when sweaty, but worth it. I did cut one of the neck pads to be more comfortable and that was easy to do. The sleeves are a bit short, I wouldn't mind them longer to help with sunburn on the wrists.

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  • Alpinestars Bionic Action Protection Jacket

    Alpinestars Bionic Action Protection Jacket

    Shane in MI

    Saves on hospital bills!!

    First ride out with this piece of equipment and i took a digger around a hard packed dirt corner at about 35 mph trying to flat track it lol needless to say the bike bucked me and i flipped landed on my back and skidded about 25 feet down the road got up like nothing happend started my bike and kept riding with broken bars lmao def worth the $$$

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