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Motorcycle Electrical Parts

Motorcycle electrical parts range from necessities to conveniences, but we stock them all. So whether you need to actually get your bike started or just want to enhance your stereo system, you’ll be thrilled by the selection you’ll find on these pages. We’ve divided them up into multiple categories to make browsing a breeze. On this page, you can take a look at what categories we have and click through on any of them to explore our inventory.

Of course, when you first think of your motorcycle’s electrical system, you likely think of the engine starter. For years, this has been the standard for bikes everywhere – especially street bikes. In fact, kick starters are simply a thing of the past for most motorcycles these days. You’ll find the whole set of components you need to get your bike started: batteries, ignition systems and starter motors. We also have battery accessories (such as chargers). It’s important to get the right parts for your motorcycle, so the majority of these electrical components utilize our “Parts Finder” allowing you to match up our inventory with your exact bike. You never have to worry about ordering the right part because we only show you what is compatible with your machine.

If you’re looking for a few ways to customize your bike’s electrical setup, you might be interested in the power supplies (such as cords, adaptors and fuse holders) that we stock. These are great to add an outlet or two for your riding toys. And if it’s sound you’re after, we have a number of great electrical parts to boost your existing system, from stereos to horns to communication devices. Many of these products have a universal fit, so it’s easy to pick what you want without worrying about getting the right part or not.

No one has a better assortment of motorcycle parts and as you can see, we’ve got a full set of electrical components to choose from. Get started by clicking on the category that most interests you. You’ll be able to browse our selection of motorcycle electrical parts in no time!

Latest Electrical Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • NGK Iridium Sparkplug

    NGK Iridium Sparkplug

    Ryan in TN

    Expensive but worth it

    Expensive compared to other spark plugs, but it’s nice to not have to worry about fouling a plug once you put on in your bike.

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  • Neutron CDI

    Neutron CDI

    Wayne in UT

    Fixed my intermittent starting, and poor running is...

    Apparently Honda XR650Ls have an ongoing issue with their OEM CDI units. Could not even get the dealer to acknowledge this issue, but many many website/forums are full of guys having issues. This $14 item not only fixed my issue (intermittently loosing spark, and would not run clean when it did start & run), but as I've read online many of the aftermarket CDIs have a bit of a hotter tune, and this one does. Not so much to cause any concern, but it certainly made my bike run crisper (complements the FMF pipe and carb kit I already had installed.) I've not had it on long enough to say how reliability it is, or if it's fuel consumption is noticeable different, but for $14 bucks if I have to replace every few years, I can wear this bike out before I'd have paid for just 1 OEM replacement.,.. which "would" have failed again in a few years. I'm extremely happy with this item!

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  • Denali SoundBomb Mini

    Denali SoundBomb Mini

    John in OR

    Just the horn I was hoping for

    Ordered the Denali horn to replace the OEM horn on my new CanAm Ryker. I'l super pleased and think it made the bike a lot safer. The OEM horm was so wimpy that nobody paid attention to it. The Denali fixed the problem. The horn came with a mounting bracket and hardware, but I just used the stock Ryker bracket and it worked great. I'd certainly recommend this upgrade to anyone with the stock Ryker horn!

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  • NGK Resistor Sparkplug

    NGK Resistor Sparkplug

    ROBERT in AL

    Best spark plug

    NGK great plug best price around

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  • NGK Standard Sparkplug

    NGK Standard Sparkplug

    Keith in OR

    Ngk plugs

    Ngk plugs are the best, it’s what came in most all bikes from the factory.

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  • Works Connection Tach/Hour Meter with Resettable Maintenance Timer

    Works Connection Tach/Hour Meter with Resettable Maintenance Timer

    Thomas C in AZ

    This tach/hr meter works great. It is very easy to use and provides just the right information and not a lot of unnecessary info that you would not use. When mounting it fit right under the digital odometer on the WR250F and WR450F using the mounting hardware kit. It did not mount to the bolt that sits above the air filter element, that screws into the frame as recommended. Use the bolt provided, but right below the odometer.

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