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  • All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint - 3 1/4" Drop

    All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint - 3 1/4" Drop

    Blair in CA

    Better than expectations

    After much deliberation and research I settled on this bike hauler to carry my 2013 YZ250F behind my truck. I have a shell on my truck so needed a hitch mounted system for the bike. The fit and quality of this hauler are first rate and I have been extremely impressed with how well the parts fit and work. Assembly was easy and the instructions were comprehensive, almost to the point of being too detailed. The system works very well. I have been using the hauler on weekends for about 3 months and have had no problems at all. The bike is always held firmly and securely and barely moves when I am driving. The jack works very well and it is easy to raise and lower the bike. It is great to be able to drop my tailgate with the bike still mounted to the carrier in the lowered position. I had an issue with the hydraulic jack when I first assembled the unit. Within 48 hours of e-mailing the manufacturer I had a new jack delivered to my door at no extra cost. Then had two follow up e-mails to make sure the new jack worked ok. Customer service has been superb. I am very happy with the hauler and strongly recommend this system.

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  • All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint

    All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint

    Eric in MA

    Best and easiest way to transport a dirt bike

    The Switch Hauler is hands down the best trailer hitch bike hauler on the market. I love how easy it is to load up by your self, and how it really holds your bike secure. The construction of the thing is also very durable and built like a tank. I have also owned other trailer hitch bike racks and have seen many of my friends, and none come close to the Switch Hauler. It's also nice its a USA made product and the owner of the company is a pleasure to deal with. They really go above and beyond with there customer service. If you need a way to haul your bike, just buy it and you wont regret it.

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