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All Jacked Up

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  • All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint

    Brett in Colorado

    Switch hauler

    Fit, finish, hardware quality, and packaging are all 100% top notch. Some of the best workmanship I have encountered. I am totally pleased with the product. Service was great. Shipping was better than promised at time of order. This company is doing it right!

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  • All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint - 3 1/4" Drop

    Miguel in CA

    Solid Hauler

    Quality product, stable, and secure. I purchased the 3.25” drop for my standard height Ford F-150. I wanted the 2” Drop model but it was not in stock so went with 3.25” drop model. At 51 y/o I am done pushing my bike to the bed of my truck especially when my knee gives-out sporadically. This product has taken the possibility of knee collapse or another mishap while loading out of the equation. The 3.25” model will drag on certain driveways when loaded on standard lift trucks, but it’s not an issue 99% of the time when you become aware of the load characteristics of your vehicle. The 2” drop should allow you to just role on without having to lift and manhandle on an F150. Very happy with this product.

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