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  • All Rite Products Thumbbuddy ATV Thumb Throttle Extender

    Steve in KS

    Accomplishes the Goal

    My daughter got into ATVs this year and rides a Polaris Outlaw 110. She has a minor birth defect where she doesn't have the the tendon that runs from her lower thumb joint to the outer thumb joint near her fingernail on her right/throttle thumb. Obviously, this causes thumb fatigue holding the throttle down for longer rides so she resorts to trying to use an "under" grip with her palm on the throttle which isn't safe. This Thumbbuddy extends her throttle just as we wanted and makes it easier for her so from that perspective, it's a 5-star product. From an engineering perspective, there's one tweak that would make this thing even better... The joint of the furthest portion of the Thumbbuddy you push on and the portion that goes over the throttle is bendable so that helps with ergonomic fit and the portion of Thumbbuddy that covers smooth metal ATV throttles is solid metal wrapped in soft rubber so the pre-tie fit is like a hockey puck on ice. My only complaint is that since the buddy is universal to all throttles it's installation is pretty much wire-tying it on top/in-front of your current throttle. Holding it in place to wire-tie wasn't difficult but even pulling the ties as snug as they would allow, there's still a little bit of play in it's fit over the throttle. It doesn't feel like it's at risk of falling off but the fancy contours some bored ATV engineers put on newer throttles create differences in width that you are wire-tying a fixed-width piece over. If there was a rubber sheath that fit over the ATV throttle with the same rubber-covered metal Thumbbuddy piece in front of the throttle that you wire-tied over, this product would be friggin perfect. Since it doesn't, I gave less than perfect scores on durability (product is solely dependent on how 3 wire ties hold up), fitment (just wire ties in front of existing throttle) and performance (already has a little bit of play in it's fit brand new so I anticipate some performance issues with longer/harder rides over time).

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