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Antigravity Batteries

Latest Antigravity Batteries Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Antigravity Batteries ADV Micro-Start Tire Inflator

    christopher in NY

    It works, but not as we know it!

    So this little pump is great to take along with you on the journey. The first time I took it out the wife came in the care and I used it off of the 12v socket. No real issues, it inflated, but I have 0% confidence in the pressure gauge, 0%! however, I 'am a racer and therefore I always check the pressures using an independent, calibrated gauge, and that is the reading I went with. Lets face it though, inflating the tires after coming off the trails is required and if it gets you to a gauge where you can have a better check then so be it.

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  • Antigravity Batteries Re-Start Lithium Battery

    Rigo in NV

    Tight fit, but a good battery

    The fit was a little tight compared to OEM, but it's still a great battery. I do like that both sides of the battery have terminals.

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  • Antigravity Batteries 12-Cell Small Case Hi-Power Lithium Battery

    David in WA

    Expensive Junk.

    I will start this saying I have a notoriously hard starting bike, a KTM 530. It needs a good strong battery to crank it over. So I splurged on this, thinking I would spend money now and have a battery that lasted for years and years of great performance. I modified the battery box to make it fit. And it wont even start the bike in 40 degree temps. Its junk. I have checked voltages, its charging fine, and fully charged when I park it at night. And when I go out in the morning it will barely turn the engine over. I have had used lawn mower batteries perform better. I dont know if I got a dud or what. I have tried the Lithium warm up procedures, and it just keeps getting weaker. Very disappointing and a waste of money.

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  • Antigravity Batteries 8-Cell Small Case Race Use Lithium Battery

    JIM in AZ

    Excellent for dead engine starts

    Fires very quick! Much faster and more consistent than stock.

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  • Antigravity Batteries 4-Cell Small Case Race Use Lithium Battery

    Trent in OH

    It’s a great battery

    I would recommend this battery. I got it straight out of the box hooked it up and my 2018 crf250r cranked right over better then it ever did before.

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  • Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start PPS

    David in TX

    Very Nice

    I purchased this because a friend of mine brought one on a long ride through Colorado and ended up saving my day. I didn't think I was going to need it until my wife Denali wouldn't start. I decided to give this a try. Battery showed 3 volts and this thing started the car no problem. The Microstart comes with almost every attachment you need to start or charge as well as a small LED light. This is a must for Adventure riders. Great product and great service from RMATV.

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