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  • ARC Flex Brake Lever

    Ramkumar in CA

    ARC brake & clutch levers

    Like the fit for my fingers better than stock levers. I'm using this for supermoto/minimoto kx65 (for reference)

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  • ARC Flex Clutch Lever

    Frankie in PA

    Terrible function, no help from ARC.

    Bought this lever for my 2019 KTM. As soon as I got the lever, the bike had an issue with creeping with lever pulled in that I didn’t have with the stock lever. In order to get the clutch to fully disengage I had to adjust the lever so far out that couldn’t reach it while riding. I made a shim to get the plunger and lever pre loaded. After talking to quite a few other owners they actually experienced the same problem. So I called ARC. I spoke to Ken who mentioned they have never heard of such problem. However, those who I personally know had to make a shim as well or just get rid of it. As I spoke to him, he pointed out that perhaps the “knee” of the lever wasn’t sitting where it needed to and that maybe the master cylinder spot where it rests wasn’t flat. Which interestingly enough that was exactly the issue. However, it’s not because my master cylinder is defective BUT because when KTM changed the master cylinder, ARC decided to not even update the lever or even try and make a new design to properly preload the master cylinder with their lever. Thus, the shim being the solution. I leave reviews, mostly good ones and try not to post bad ones. However, knowing exactly what the issue was, saying they haven’t ever heard of the issue before seems like it was very dismissive and like they actually have heard of the problem. Being in the automotive industry and making parts for race teams, this would not fly in my field. If the factory change, so will the parts we make. Not just advice as I was to “make the rest area flat with epoxy to properly preload the lever”. I know many probably don’t even notice they have the issue but do. Including pictures from my friends bike also. Same issue, same master design. Even the knee only touches in one corner because it was not designed for this new master cylinder.

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