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  • Asterisk Carbon Cell 1 Knee Brace Right

    Ocean in CA

    10/10 Great Product worth every penny

    Great product. Coming off a dislocated and broken knee I was little hesitant to get back into it with my knee still feeling weaker than it used to be. This thing gives you the support and confidence to get back out there and feel safe while doing it. Carbon looks great and is very strong and sturdy. My friends think I have a bionic legs when I where them. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with knee injuries or anyone trying to prevent one.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Brace Right

    Timothy in CA

    I forgot they were on.

    I am a new dirt rider, almost 50 and I have some MCL/Meniscus damage in one knee. Nothing requiring surgery yet, and I'd like to keep it that way as long as I can. I was amazed at how fast I forgot I was wearing the braces. Some time my knee sort of speaks to me when I'm pushing it and it's all quiet while these are on. I consider myself a big guy at 6'-2" and 225lbs. I was surprised I wore a medium. Make sure you spend some time fitting the straps and use the socks provided.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell 2.0 Knee Brace Pair

    Nicholas in MI

    Was not impressed for the price!

    Coming from another brand I was excited about all the hype or this brace. To my surprise I was extremely disappointed. While the sizing was spot on these things are massive! So much so it’s uncomfortable and hard to get in and out of your gear. Also the durability of them is not as I expected. I purchased them less than a year ago and have already put cracks in them on the bottom. To use the word disappointing is enormous understatement. Save your money and buy a different brand because these don’t live up too the hefty price tag.

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  • Asterisk Carbon Cell 1 Knee Brace Pair

    Cameron in WI

    Initial Impressions are excellent

    I bought this pair in a size small and a pair of Pod K4 2.0 braces (size xs/s). These are the first braces I've bought and I'm coming off the very comfortable EVS TP199 knee guards. No prior injuries... I just want to keep it that way. I am a shorter rider and my legs are fully extended just to touch the ground - making hyper extension more likely. I hoped to like the pods since they were quite a bit less expensive and everything (minus the frame material) was the same as the K8 2.0's. I spent about an hour on one leg trying to get the correct fit on the Pods. Just couldn't do it. One of the problems was that their floating knee cup was pinching the skin directly above my knee when my leg was extended. That was fixed by installing the stoppers in the hinge but it still had weird pressure points on the knee itself despite trying every combination of spacer pads. The hinge also seemed to ride too far forward like it was sticking out from my knee just a little bit. I couldn't get a good feel and knew they were going back. Now, with the Carbon Cells... The first thing I noticed was the size. Holy cow are these small. I thought I maybe should have sized up when looking at them and comparing their size to the Pods. Also, I was a little worried that different sized spacer pads were not included to size the brace around the knee like the Pods had. Turns out I did not need to worry about that. When I slipped the first brace on, before cinching it down, it was comfortably hugging the entire knee. It was positioned perfectly around the knee right away. Adjusting the straps was easy and the lockout was much more pronounced than the Pods. Put my leg up on a chair, pushed down on the knee cap and felt no weird hyper extension. The first two straps have silicone on them to help hold them in place. Without yet riding in them I cannot say for sure, but I have no worry about them moving down. The overall build seems top notch (and to be honest, the build quality of the Pods seemed great as well. I'll try to update after I've gotten a couple rides but so far I am very pleased with the purchase.

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  • Asterisk Banded Undersleeves

    Brecq in TX

    Bought these for Football

    Bought these for wearing with my son's football gear. He wears the full length sock sleeve for racing. Helps with leg compression and keeping the legs warm during practice and a game.

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  • Asterisk Zero G Knee Brace Pant

    VIC in MI

    Would buy again

    Great product for knee braces,I have custom CTI braces and these work like a charm

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