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Latest ASV Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • ASV F4 Series Brake Lever

    Joel in MO

    asv f4

    Nice adjustment capabilities my 3 year old can comfortably use his front break with ease.

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  • ASV C6 Series Pro Clutch Lever With Hot Start

    John in IN

    Like butter

    Love this clutch lever. Looks great too!! Would highly recommended this lever to anyone. My last one lasted about 2 years with no problems. Can’t wait to see how long this one last. Feels like butter and helps with fatigue during races.

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  • ASV F4 Series Standard Clutch Lever

    John in MA

    Fit and finish??

    Very nice quality over OEM. Great adjustability. I bought the clutch side.. I will go back and definitely finish with the front brake...

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  • ASV F4 Series Pro Model Clutch Lever With Hot Start

    CHRIS in GA

    Asv clutch lever

    Asv makes excellent levers I run them on all my machines

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  • ASV C6 Series Shorty Clutch Lever

    joseph in MI

    Great Ergonomics, poor attention to manufacturing d...

    Have purchased 1000's from RMATVMC, and always satisfied. This review in no way reflects upon them. I have tried about every clutch lever available, and not all of them are great, but I NEVER leave reviews because I think most reviews are subjective or a matter of opinion. This lever however forced my hand. makes clutch pull on a 350 SX measurably more difficult. upon investigation, it was clear that the burrs left on the aluminum from the machining process were digging into the Brembo perch. using a set of calipers, the thickness of the bushing area was over .050" thicker than any of the other levers in my toolbox. When properly torquing the pivot bolt, it clamps slightly on the leavers aluminum. the pivot bushing was recessed on both sides of the aluminum block leading me to believe the maximum material condition permitted by ASV in their manufacturing process made this un-workable. I put the block on my Haas machining center, and took .025" from the top, and bottom. I deburred the block, pressed out the ASV bushing, machined the hole to accept the OEM bushing, and presto, the clutch lever works as intended. After my modifications, I will comment on the ergonomics, I like the adjustable reach, allows for a long reach at the starting gate to ensure full clutch dis-engagement on starts, and after the first corner, I can begin rolling the wheel back toward me, to allow single finger resting on the clutch lever for the remainder of the moto. Overall great concept with promise, but they should really modify their manufacturing process to accept the OEM bushing, and thin up their aluminum block closer to minimum material condition.

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  • ASV F4 Series Pro Model Clutch Lever

    Michael in BC

    Little messing around to make it work for 04 yfz450

    It fits a yfz 450 but you have to extend your cables to the nines then delete park brake as well as the safety clutch engage piece just wire those puppy's together and she great I love that you can adjust on the fly

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