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  • Mika Metals 1 1/8" Oversize Handlebars

    Mika Metals 1 1/8" Oversize Handlebars

    Travis in CO

    Great bar overall

    You can feel more flex than a twin wall for sure. I like softer bars and like a crossbar and this seems to be the flex-iest oversized bar with a crossbar. Kinds feels like a fatbar. Bar is of very nice quality and is the same length as the twin wall it is replacing. The shape of the bar is easy on the eyes too, looks good! However, ODI grips didn’t slide on the left side, even with prying them wider and tapping with a hammer. I’m ok with that because I like glue on grips “renthal tacky.” I just wasn’t able to move grips around as quick when testing different bars. The crossbar pad is really low quality which is a shame because it looks nice. The shiny metallic backing is already separating from the cover layer and dirt has/is quickly pealing it aver more and more. This started after first race, bummer. I went with STV bend.

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