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  • Cardo Systems Scala Rider PackTalk

    Cardo Systems Scala Rider PackTalk

    LW222 in SC

    Fantastic item. Cannot be more pleased. Sounds good, works well, and connects without a hitch.

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  • Cardo Systems Scala Rider Freecom 1 Bluetooth System

    Cardo Systems Scala Rider Freecom 1 Bluetooth System

    Ryan in AZ

    Amazing Sound Quality

    I just finished installing the system in my Leatt Carbon Helmet and I was amazed that it fit. The only issue was trying to find a place to put the connector for the speakers that I didn't feel pushing into my head. After trying a few different places I finally found a spot. The microphone laid nicely along the inside edge and I don't even notice it. I downloaded the app and setup the system and then put the helmet on and tested it out for sound quality. I love it!!! I've been using LG Tone+ headphones for years and I was completely amazed at the awesome sound quality and loudness of the Freecom. I even had to turn it down because it was so loud. I haven't used it on the trail yet, but I'm sure it will be so much better than the LG's. Also, I love the feature that reduces the volume when you slow down. Always irritated me that I had to tell everyone I can't hear you until I turn off my music.

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  • Cardo Systems Scala Rider SmartPack Duo

    Cardo Systems Scala Rider SmartPack Duo

    CHASE in UT

    awesome product with a few small flaws

    Overall, i couldn't be happier with this bluetooth unit. I've used the DMC mode and it has worked great. I love streaming music and the voice commands are nice to have. However, there are a few disgruntles i have. It has been glitchy at times (but what electronic isn't?) but i was able to fix it quickly with little frustration. The other is range. I wouldn't expect to get much more than line of site. One thing i didn't mention is that Cardo has awesome customer support. They want you to contact them directly to ask any questions and get answers. Other brands are almost ghosts when it comes to this. Definitely recommend this product.

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