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  • Watt-Man Thermo-Bob 2

    Watt-Man Thermo-Bob 2

    Jessica in WY

    Easy to install

    Installation for my husband only took about 25 minutes, he said having an IMS 6.6 gallon gas tank helped a little but having smaller arms, hands, and tools helped the most :) He can't wait to go for a ride, did a few test starts to burp the coolant system of air and also check for leaks, so far all is well. Went with the "Hammer-tone" color to match the 99 engine, we don't need the extra "bling and attention" brought to our moto by having bright or off colors on expensive aftermarket parts :)

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  • Watt-Man Coolant Temperature Face Overlay

    Watt-Man Coolant Temperature Face Overlay

    brandan in WA

    Nice to know how hot the engine is!

    Cool product and super handy. The KLR should have come factory with a temp gauge like this. Installed in about 10 minutes with the help of power tools, and looks great. Cheap enough too!

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