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  • Watt-Man Thermo-Bob 2

    Watt-Man Thermo-Bob 2

    Jason in AZ


    I bought this before the version 2 came out and it works awesome. My temps are very stable I've not had any problems in over two years. My bike warms up much faster and stays there. It will get warm enough to turn on the fan in hot weather when idling or slower off road but it cools right down.

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  • Watt-Man Coolant Temperature Face Overlay

    Watt-Man Coolant Temperature Face Overlay

    brandan in WA

    Nice to know how hot the engine is!

    Cool product and super handy. The KLR should have come factory with a temp gauge like this. Installed in about 10 minutes with the help of power tools, and looks great. Cheap enough too!

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