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  • Ryfab Folding Glass Windshield Wiper Kit

    Ryfab Folding Glass Windshield Wiper Kit

    joe in CO

    Works well

    Nice to have in rainy weather. Reminds me of the same thing I had on an old 48 jeep. Its nice the it can be velcro'd up out of the way so its doesn't flap when not in use. High quality hardware.

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  • Ryfab Folding Glass Windshield

    Ryfab Folding Glass Windshield

    joe in CO

    REALLY Nice Quality

    Outstanding engineering and build quality. Looks really good. I love the little flip up section below the glass which allows a nice breeze to come through without having to lower the whole windshield. The rubber seal on the bottom of this vent that is supposed to seal against the plastic of the hood/body of the RZR doesn't quite seal 100%, mainly because of having to curve around the somewhat complex profile of the vent, but not horrible. I'm not sure I'll fold down the windshield much, but its nice to now I can if I want. And best thing is its real glass so easy to clean with no scratches. Great product!

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  • Ryfab Aluminum Cargo Box with Top Rack

    Ryfab Aluminum Cargo Box with Top Rack

    joe in CO


    Extremely high quality and looks really good. I had expected a slope top box but it is completely flat which makes it even better for putting stuff on top of, like coolers, gas cans, etc. I had to struggle to get aluminum rack bolted up, holes didn't quite match, probably due to slight distortion when welding. The aluminum rack gets a little scuffed up from bungee hooks, etc., but can be cleaned up with some steel wool. Might have been nice powder coated, etc. but may just have gotten scratched up. I got double springs in case I carried full gas cans, but until I do so I disconnected one because two springs were just way too hard to close. Fits the bed of the RZR perfectly and has lock and ride type fasteners to make it easy to remove to get access to the motor hatches in the bed.

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  • Ryfab Aluminum Cargo Storage Box

    Ryfab Aluminum Cargo Storage Box

    RONALD in UT


    This is truly a dry box. Fit is great . I removed the door prop to better utilize the interior space. It also provides a secure space while away from my rig

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  • Ryfab Sliding Glass Rear Window

    Ryfab Sliding Glass Rear Window

    Kevin in NY

    Ryfab rzr slider window

    Great fit and well built. Very happy with purchase.installed in 10 minutes and fit perfectly.

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