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Baja Designs

Latest Baja Designs Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro A/C LED Race Light Kit

    Dan in CA

    Absolutely incredible light kit!

    I purchased the Squadron Sport DC for my 2019 Honda CRF250F. I couldn’t be happier with it. I ride a lot of mountain and woods trails in Southern California and have often been out past dark. On difficult trails this is not good without a light kit. I’m sure I’m getting lots of eye rolls from the haters on “that bike with a light kit?!” I’m 55 years old and didn’t grow up riding MX tracks, sorry dude. Now that I have the chance to ride, I’m thrilled that I will be safer with this light kit and can ride into dusk and dark with it. The light is very bright. Also bought the Baja Designs Harness w/switch #61-1049. I can’t say enough good things about the Baja Designs product engineers! The fitment of the light kit to the bike is great, the harness was super easy to install, and the whole thing just works awesome!

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  • Baja Designs XL Hi-Low Harness

    BRIAN in CA

    Probably not worth it

    Installed on 2 (18 & 19) 501 street motard builds. It worked on the 1st build, the high beam indicator does not work as stated, so no big deal. One day the light went out completely on a day ride (so no big deal), re-secured connections on the hi-lo harness when I got home and it was working again. On the second bike (19), it blows a fuse when I switch from high to low. Not sure why. Wired exactly the same as the 18. I'm sure I could figure it out, but I'm not really motivated to do so. Hindsight thoughts are this... unless you are riding on public streets at night regularly, this really isn't necessary. I know the 18 works, but when I'm on the street at night, I leave it on high anyway (I just don't trust it). The XL Pro is like a lazer-torch burning through every windshield within a 1/4 mile ahead of me, and I noticed people just pull over and let me by (I can tell its annoying to cars oncoming & in front of me). I don't ride at night very often, so no biggee. But honestly, I would pass on this upgrade if I had it to do over (a third time).

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  • Baja Designs Hydraulic Brake Switch Nissin Brakes

    robert in AZ

    Baja designs hydraulic break switch

    Bought it for my 03 wr450f for a break light to make my bike street legal and it didn't work Wright from the start break like stayed on all the time think I got a faulty one .

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  • Baja Designs XL Pro LED Light Kit

    Justin in CA

    Great light, poor wiring

    The light is pretty awesome. I had to modify the connector terminals because the wires were crimped way too sloppy/big to fit all the way into the connector slots and "click" in. If you're going to charge $400 for a headlight, get your wiring in order for easy installation. Fitment of light in number plate could also be better.

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  • Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Light Kit

    Terry in ON

    Great, highly recommended

    I recommend this head light, it is great for day time when on the road, and is even better at night when trail riding or racing. This head light is easy to install and quick, but if riding the road at night it is really bright and has no low beam.

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  • Baja Designs LED Wiring Harness

    JAMES in CO

    Does not fit 2011 yz450f harness

    I bought this harness to connect lights to my 2011 yz450f EFI power. The harness comes with no instructions telling you which plug to use. I called Baja designs and they directed me that it installed after the capacitor, the round old film case sized part. I plugged the harness into that and tested the voltage prior to installing my lights. The voltage was only reading 7v even when revved up. I ended up plugging my lights up to it to see if it would work. As soon as I touched the wires to the plug the bike shut off. It was oblivous this was not the plug to use. None of the other plugs on the bike fit the baja harness. I ended up just tapping off the wires where you plug in a power tuner giving me a constant 14v. Throw this harness away and wire it yourself.

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