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  • K & N Oil Filter

    K & N Oil Filter

    mike in CT

    excellent filters

    cant beat a K&N filter use them on all my off road machines.

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  • K & N MX XStream Air Filter

    K & N MX XStream Air Filter

    Bary in Utah

    I think I'll go back to the foam style.

    I mostly purchased the K&N filter because removing and installing the rigid filter cage of the 450x is difficult and it can be hard to know if you got it seated properly. The K&N is flexible and has the removable center so it is a little easier to install and you can feel inside with your fingers to verify that it is positioned and seated properly. That part I like. However, holding it up the light reveals many little pin holes of light passing through the filter and it seemed to me that if there is a light path then chances are that dust can also pass. I searched online and found about 50:50 arguing for and against this possibility so I did my own test and found that after a couple of hours riding behind in dusty conditions there was in fact some fine dust deposited on the air box walls behind the filter. I didn't notice any power gain with this filter.

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  • K & N Clamp On Air Filter

    K & N Clamp On Air Filter

    EDGARD R in AZ


    Excellent quality at a good price

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  • K & N Air Filter

    K & N Air Filter

    katherine in OH

    let it breath

    does what it says. lets the motor have better intake

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  • K & N Air Filter

    K & N Air Filter

    Blake in SD

    Great Product

    I wouldn't buy any other filter than K&N filter. I have them in every atv and vehicle I own. It you want a great and easy maintenance product buy this you'll love it. No need to get foam air filter oil and deal with the mess. With this product you simply clean off, wash out, let dry, oil it and put it back in your ride. No mess to clean up and no dealing with sticky foam air filter oil. This product will pay for itself. Go out and try it for yourself you'll be happy with it.

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  • K & N Xstream Powerlid

    K & N Xstream Powerlid

    Richard in WA

    Lets the Z breath better

    I put this on my LTZ400 after I replaced my complete Exhaust System to get the most out of my quad without any major mods. It runs circles around the stock LTZ400's now.

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